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I love it!! But it gets boring can you add some more options to the game so it doesn't get boring, thanks! Recommend

This game is addictive and cute. All the character's are cute and cuddly. The controls are simple and it's a great game like "hamsters life"! Both game have the same cute and cuddly features! Great job

It takes too long to breed but the hamsters are soooo adorable and the food looks yummy. Just wow

Really cute hamsters! Like the different levels of gameplay in this game, and the food looks good too. love it

Very time consuming addictive game. I love it! ;) The only downside is the English! Some things are quite hard to understand. Great job

Such a cute and good game. Nothing to complain about, but I would like the graphics to look a little better and not so cut out Highly Recommend.

I love this game. There are so many cute hamsters and alot of decorations. This game is the best! Amazing!

Game is really cute with its little hamster animations and really has a clean feel. Reminds me of Hamtaro! Brilliant

Works perfectly

I loved this game. The hamsters were adorable when they finished meals. The English though, was not well translated. Nonetheless, great game. Worth a go!

This game is super fun! There is a nice selection of things to do and the baby hamsters are so adorable! Awesome


5 star


GET IT NOW!!! That's okay if you don't want this game but it is so cute and fun so get it. !!!!!!!! Perfect

Just wow



Very cute but needs work. The translations are very off and the game almost never loads when going to a different area. Just shows the loading screen forever. You have to restart the game at least once every single time. Just wow

Works perfectly

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