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Great Let's make another level for this and put it as a full game rather then a demo, choose your levels option

I would give 10 if i could... Great to see the game still get an update.. hope to see more updates in the future.. can't wait to see the monster finally got to chase player around the map or the ability to run or a batter objective than collecting cube.. performance good even on note 2..

Must have,utilizes vr the best This app is amazing. The developer fully utilizes the capabilities of the headset and the phone, creating an immersive experience. Especially when using a bluetooth controller.

So many jump scares This is an awsome vr game with grate graphics but I don't recommend this if u have a weak heart

Just needs more monsters This is an amazing app. Just needs a few more enemies to pop out at you and it's perfect

Awesome intro but nothing after that I don't know but its not working for google cardboard even though it says that it does support google cardboard.

Love it! Having trouble with it crashing, but when it doesn't still can't finish cause I'm scared of that SPIDER!!!

WOOOOW! Galaxy s3 + Bluetooth Keyboard Works great with my galaxy s3 and cardboard VR glasses and a cheap Bluetooth Keyboard for forward and back and jump. Great graphics and 3D depth...a very good and creepy VR game to play. Make sure you plug you headphones in and realy scare yourself. Mobile Phone Virtual Reality is here to stay. DONE.

Boring I'm 12 and that was not scary at all..... Add more scarey objects and keep the same sound then will give five star

Galaxy Note 3... Great game... works well with Moga game pad. The 1st time I open the game it crashes. Then it runs smoothly. After collecting the 5th cube it freezes and never comes back. Terrifying, fun, enjoyable... just wish it didn't freeze on me at that exact same point every time.

Best vr game by far! Slows down occasionally on my s5 active, wish there were settings to adjust graphics but i love being able to use a thumb stick to look around so I'm not constantly doing 360s in my living room.

Doesnt work on Xperia Z3 Gets to the menu then crashes, looking forward to seeing this fixed as I enjoy these apps.

Nice This is the most nicely vr game I never play before,but the monster are too less

Would be great.... If it worked Using galaxy note 4, crashes every time after reaching menu. Hopefully this will be fixed eventually. Looking forward to trying this game out, sounds exactly like what I've been looking for!

Awsome Great game I know it's not fully out just few issues why you need jump the spider gets stuff in the door way or one hit kills you can't avoid it but the atmosphere is amazing

3D out of focus using cardboard I just cant seem to get the image clear. I see double of everything. Using a standard cardboard gear with note 2. Everything else works perfect. Please help! Would love to play this properly but i cant see straight

Flipping Awesome Oh no! It won't open on my phone anymore! This is the worst day ever! Please please fix it! Galaxy S3. It won't start at all. Screen goes black with a grey bar across the top with the words Halls of Fear and then it goes back to my home screen. Before the update it loaded fine, but my Snakebyte didn't work so I couldn't get past the main menu.

Excellent! Needs DualShock 4 bug fix Excellent experience. Only complaint is that the screen spins as soon as I push anything on my Dualshock 4, rendering head tracking useless. When I hold L2 half way the spinning stops and I can use the gamepad as normal. Fix this and I will be extremely grateful!

super demo working on Google nexus 4 flawlessly. But not working in xiaomi MI3. In MI3 it starts and immediately exits.

Great game, needs better cardboard support The autowalk feature, though nifty, is not particularly comfortable as a method of control. I would like to see the magnet used in place of the autowalk feature as it would be far more easily accessed and wouldn't require looking down for a set amount of time. Other than this, I love this app! I will be more than happy to update my review if the game is updated to utilize the magnet instead of the look-down auto-walk.

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