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Ok The only part I don't like is on the copy mode you have to buy the full game to get 3 stars, but over all its pretty good Works perfectly


The only problem is.....a lot of items are locked where actually they are really needed to pass thee level and that problem is not just in this game is unfortunately in all libii games so hope you consider my opinion can lock items in the free more but not in the copy mode ...Thanks love it

A bit disappointed I am a bit disappointed because the "Get Free" stuff on "Free Mode" are not saving progress, I think it should. Because once you get the free stuff which causes ads and then you exit the game and come back the free stuff you got are back to saying "Get Free" This is a time waster since you have to watch ads constantly overtime because you cant save the free stuff. Also, the paying stuff mostly hair colors are more that im upset of. Most of the hair colors, ESPICIALLY black you have to pay for! 3 stars. Superb!

It's fun It's fun but, you have to pay for almost everything other than that I love it I think that of you would make more things free than you would have better stars remember it's not all about the money Highly Recommend.

SUPER Fun This game is awesome! But there needs to be more hair colors to unlock..... I don't really like the girls, they are creepy, but overall, super fun! Pretty good

Good but The game is great but there is one problem that I had. I had actually watched a video and had got a hair styler but as soon as I closed the game I lost it. I played the game another time but then that styler was locked again!! Go well


Works great


Worth it!


It's good but Some of the things they want are locked which is kind of sad cuz some people can't pay for it cuz of their parents Not bad

Too Many Ads I was playing my game minding my own business when it froze. There was an ad at the top of the screen. The game is ok, just not perfect Superb!


Why no black? Pretty good but the first thing my daughter mentioned was where's the black hair!? Seriously you have every other colour but black, as a person who has black hair I was surprised. Also some ombre and glitter options would be awesome. Marvelous

I havent tried it but.... I havent tried it but i have had a read of the commets oh and guess whant i found theres not black i got this for black and red but i guess not ~my comment is about: THERE SHOULD BE BLACK I MEAN COME ON IM GONNA SEND MY PUPPY ARMY AFTER YOU. Great job

I love this game it has free mode so you can do whatever you want to do with the girls hair in then It has this second option story mode where you make a hairstyle but it's a hairstyle that the patient wanted. But the only bad thing was that a lot of stuff In story mode is locked but other wise great Recommend

Pretty good

Well done!!

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