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The game forces you to solve programming tasks without access to tools that would make it simple. For instance there's one puzzle where it asks for the program to return whether a given integer is even or odd without access to the modulo function. Perfect!

A lot of the other reviews are basically complaining about how difficult this game is. It is very difficult, but in the best of challenging ways. It gives you operators and new keys as you learn how to do things that those keys would have made easier. I've been stuck on levels for such a length of time that it made it very rewarding to finally figure them out. Enjoy it!

Coding game & game builder Programing challenges with a straightforward interface. Great demonstration of concept, would love to see more come of it. Highly Recommend.

Simply Great! Make it with manual keyboard, because it will be faster and easier, now I cant write so many operators.. Please, add this in second update and this Game will be the beast! Sincerely Steve ^_^ Well done!!

Encourages Self Thinking The app does not spoon feed you the answers to the problems and encourages you to work it out yourself. The first few sections are very beginner friendly, with a slow introduction to coding, but it quickly gets harder. Great!

This is a really good game! I haven't been able to put it down (or stop thinking about the solutions). And I've only explored the Story mode! I agree with some others that if you don't already know basic programming, it can get difficult quick. I will note to those out there asking for a better hint system, that the API documentation is listed within the app. I could only find within my coding window (timer going); however it is there. Also, I would not put much stake into treating the hidden cases as 'hints'; these are usually the test cases that are often overlooked, like testing all boundaries (>, <, =), etc. It isn't necessarily going to help you know how to code the original solution. That being said, I've spent hackcoins on some because I had all the cases passed but still failed the hidden ones and couldn't think of the additional case on my own. "Killer Robot" (Addition) is killing me though, the pattern doesn't make sense... One lost star for requiring login through twitter only (why not Google Play?). Works perfectly

Fun only if you know basic programming. Not too friendly for those who don't. I don't understand why I need a Twitter account to enjoy all the features of this game. Overall interesting idea and has a lot of room to grow. Perfect!

Difficult, but fun. Stuck but working on it has been my motto for this. I like that the operators are added on later, as it makes you think around the problem, and not use only that one operator. Don't like the twitter dependency though.. make it optional!! Omg

Really interesting game aimed at programmers While not ideal for beginning coders, Hacked's story mode (the only mode I've played so far, admittedly) gives you a authentic-looking C-like programming language similar to Ruby, and challenges you to convert an set of inputs to a specified set of outputs using a single piece of code. The tasks are generally easy to figure out - return 1 for odd numbers and 0 for even; sort an array of letters; test if an array is symmetrical, etc. The game's cleverness comes from how it doesn't give you access to the standard functions and operators you'd normally use (modulo for odd/even, sort for sorting arrays...) until /after/ you've successfully done the job manually. You find youself recreating the actual way these functions work in real programming languages much of the time, and occasionally gain a greater understanding of this type of programming in general. There's a kicker in that the code you produce is expected to handle all similar inputs, not just the three inputs you see. Another set of inputs is hidden from you (microtransactions available to view them), and the game will only let you complete the level if your code works with all. Surprisingly

needs a little more documentation. for example, i spent ages trying to use the .push[ ] method as nowhere did it say how to cast an integer to a 'list' (BTW, it's var_a = [ ];) Also, after a while it turns into a money trap - not releasing all the cases you have to match, so despite creating a nice bubble sort script which matched the requirement, it stops progression as I can't see what the other cases are that dont need sorting. finally, it requires twitter to reveal hidden cases (which cost cash) AND to save progress Enjoy it!

No help without paying The game gives you slight tips on how to beat the levels but leaves a lot up to guessing. Would be better if there was more information about how to do things or what they expect. Enjoy it!

Good idea in there somewhere Not my thing. Didn't understand what I was supposed to do and the help did not make sense. Still its good to try different things.

Great game if you use your brain. Extremely difficult but very rewarding to complete. I finished all story mode and puzzle packs without spending a cent. A tip for the puzzle packs which had me stumped for a while was string manipulation. If your input says "input" typing input[0] will return "i" and so on. For the power puzzle I see people having problems on just add the input to itself as many times as the input, if you know how a while loop works you will be fine. Having to have Twitter sucks but Sqlite editing will get around it.

Great game with an excessively sharp learning curve The game is really fun, but the tutorial needs to be more detailed, especially while learning new operators and functions... The information is inadequate and sometimes downright vague... I'm actually struggling in this game despite being a Linux developer for nearly 4 years now... The logic is simple, but how to implement it is very difficult to grasp.

Uninstalled Got to third mission ez pz. Spent 10 mins trying to crack it. Realise there are multiple conditions that need to be met. Finish them ez pz. "There are hidden conditions that need to be met" *uninstall*

Dissapointing var_a = input; var_a.pop(); input gets modified as well... that shouldn't happen... there are much more situations like this, that keep the player from creating different solution for one problem Worth it!

Great! Just needs sound and a better tutorial. Two bug fixes needed. One is if you keep pressing backspace to erase code it freezes up and doesn't let you add anything, so you have to quit and then resume to get it to work. There is another bug with sorting. If you make a variable equal to the input and sort the variable, most of the time it will sort the input as well. This makes it difficult to compare the sorted and unsorted forms of the input.

Good app but need for a hint feature The concept of tha game is very good but its very difficult for a novice. I am stuck on "max" level since two weeks and there is no way to go forward. Dont know what to do, maybe I have to leave this Game Must have

Good app but need for a hint feature The concept of tha game is very good but its very difficult for a novice. I am stuck on "max" level since two weeks and there is no way to go forward. Dont know what to do, maybe I have to leave this Game Superb!

There are a few problems You know what's great to have in a game that scores based on time to completion? Lag. This game has plenty of it too. Oh yeah, and score gets marked down for edits. So when you hit something a second time and it adds it twice you'll get dinged for that too. Enjoy it!

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