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This is pretty great and addicting. The problem though is that there is not many options without paying and watching a whole bunch of half a minute videos! So, if your planning to keep this game free of charge you won't really like it. Otherwise...Whatchyou doing! Download it! Works great

Please get rid of the adds and have like a certain level we need to get to to unlock the things. Not only that but i don't think anybody wants to buy anything so yeah. Otherwise this game is pretty fun love it

I think that the people that have this game should be able to do the events vault and beam. There's no point to pay for the rest of the game, we just want to play the game not to pay for it........ Worth it!

I'm the real housewives of Beverly and I don't know what you think about the author of the book and I don't think it is not 6th and I 77th want you to get to know each other a series Worth it!

I love how you let us decorate our hair and stuff I also like how you show us how and what to do when we need help Go well

Is a great game it keeps you entertained for a very long time and plus you can pick your outfits Surprisingly

Download this now! It's a really good game. Even though mostly all the cool stuff needs ads! Please get it now it would be fabulous!!!!! Works great

It's a really good game and you can easily get addicted to it but still an amazing game Highly Recommend.

This game is a good game because I am in gymnastics and I love it so much you need to get it know wow lol

Everything is nice in this game but it has one problem that you cannot unlock everything you have to pay for everything many places are locked. But it is nice Works perfectly

It's good but it's annoying when I'm customising my character sheet constantly makes sounds and weird noises but other then that not to shabby Brilliant

I like playing it but if the game but I think the game itself could just use a little work I think we should be able to come up with our own moves for the routines and be able to use our own lose as we wish but overall the game is fun to play and you should download it as soon as possible Go well

I think you should have to let them learn the closing or and all these things and have to have them watch videos why don't you just give him all the clues and all the other things all like free Brilliant

It's a great game it really feels like I'm actually their wish is great because I broke my leg doing gymnastics so I can't go to it so this helps. wow lol

Wax xd ff ft fed f you have r u thinking about you and I don't know what I want to be a great night Great!

This game is so much exiting and very good but I gave four stars because there's no challenges but I like this game Superb!

I think this game is great I just wish you didn't ha e to buy the full version you would earn it as you gone 0 Amazing!

It's amazing but it loads very slowly also the lipstick isn't the best but I totally recommend it Good

When are you going to open up the beam or vault. I've purchased the game and I still can't do anything besides floor and bars. They are fun, but needs more things to do. I have 10s on both events. Please get those up and going and let me know something please. Get them up and I'll give a 5 Highly Recommend.

I think this games is so fun is like you in the Olympics and is so fun to play this games 5 star

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