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WHAY WOUD I HATE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So fun duuuuuuu write so coooooooooooool yea !........ Highly Recommend.

Honestly I love them all and this is a goofy outstanding game that is very addicting I hope this game and the TV show keeps this quality up. Flawless

This is the bestest game. I have made it to the moon. I want to give it infinite stars. Please do some update and take to Uranus as you said. Waiting for the update 5 star

Super good I like Gumball and Darwin because I am just like Gumball but I don't have friend like Darwin and my real name is Robert. Fabulous!

Pretty Good port from Java version. Fun game and I love The Amazing World of Gumball :) 5 star

Gumball I love cartoon networks shows specially on their free games to installed Muito bom!

Best game ever lance Ashton Nabatilan Nice game The Amazing World of Gumball it so fun I like her gumball games ever nice ever warning do not delete warning understand i sed Well done!!

Why? I played this game and it is a two star because when I click on the arrows the rocket always goes to the left. Like I said ask a kid what he / she likes about Cartoon Network and make a better game. And why do you make a best game expensive. Some of us don't have that amount of money. Just wow

Finished it in 1 day. One of the most addictive games I have ever played. However, there should be more levels I finished it in 5 hours 34 minutes. Other than that, nice game. Omg

I love it Please make a amazing world of gumball simlater were you can do any thing you want and I like the game so please make it now please and it could be online mode please

Gumball I love cartoon networks shows specially on their free games to installed

Nice game I like the game i have fully upgrade everything and pls also add achivements and new helmets we could buy for gumball and darwin Marvelous

Love it Really enjoy it. I just really really really really need this app to move to SD card Just wow

My Kids just liked this game My little 3 kids wants more gum ball games , but there is something wrong in the game ....its the control..... FIX PLEAS! Omg

Simple but great It's actually a java game for mobile so the graphics are different. I like them. The gameplay is fun it's a great little game based on the TV show Not bad

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