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It's a fun game, however the UI is cut off on the Pixel 2 xl. It also freezes up after 5-10m of play Enjoy it!

I love this game. It was a bunch of fun on PC, and was really excited to play it on mobile. Unfortunately, the game cuts off a large portion of the right hand side of the screen on my pixel XL 2 where the menu bar would be. The menu bar hides, but it leaves a black spot, hiding important information like how much money I have in the guild or the settings menu. Would be a 5 star review with that fixed! Enjoy it!

Most of Android games are just brainless touch-here-app but this one includes some strategy with nice concept and simple gameplay. Few things can be corrected for the 5th star: - tooltips are nearly impossible to display - there is no way to select the card to remove from deck (with fates point) - loading could be faster... - don't force me to launch a suicide game when waiting for bruiser repop Pretty good

Awesome game. Sadly the right edge is completely covered by the menu bar on the Pixel 2 XL. Other games get this right... wow lol

On the Pixel 2 xl the screen is cut off idk why it seems a weird bug would be 5/5 of fixed. Enjoy it!

It took me a little bit to figure out what the game actually is, because usually you get attached to your character. But here the adventurers are just fodder for collecting loot and finishing missions. Your goal is to be an effective factory for getting loot, manipulating the adventurers into doing what you want. It's like, dare I say it, being their manager. Works great

This has instantly become a game I want on every phone I have forever. However! I'm having issues with the screen spacing on my Pixel 2 XL. The home/back/recent buttons are staying active and baring out a portion of my screen. Cool

Loved this game on pc, love it on my phone. Free expansion, yes please. Update broke the game for about 12 hours but good communication from dev and an update to fix it all! Good

I picked this game up because I had it on PC. However on my Google pixle 2 the game doesn't collapse down my home buttons and I lose out on a chunk of game screen because of it. It hasn't affected gameplay at all however there is information that is cut off. Omg

I played the game on PC before and it was already clear then that this is perfect for phones or tablets. Also, it's readable enough on my 4" screen. Works great

Loved this game on PC and it's well suited for mobile. A little buggy but for the most part very well done. I have experienced some freezing, but I've never lost progress so I'm good. Muito bom!

This game is an absolute delight! Reverse dungeon + turn-based strategy + collectible card game + roguelike RPG all in one game? If you somehow work out how to include idle/clicker elements in a future update, it'll be All The Games! (Okay, okay - it'll never be a first person shooter or a driving game. Don't be so literal!) Works great

Doesn't support Pixel 2 XL phone very well. Right end of screen gets cut off. Notified developers but got no reply, no fix. Unfortunate. Enjoy it!

What a great game! Smooth, funny, dungeoney good times. RNG sucks sometimes and I wouldn't change a thing. Only reason I don't give 6 stars is because the grading system only allows 5! Worth it!

i personally love this game,i own the pc version as well,but on here it always seems to crash after like,5 min. any help would be great,thanks! update: it still happens every so often,if i play it for more than half an hour it always crahses. my tablet has the specs for it so i dont know why it keeps happening. Muito bom!

Easy concept at first, but it requires surprisingly strategic and tactical use of your cards and adventurers to avoid dying (from which you can't be revived)! Very addictive! Recommend

Starts strong with fun music and gameplay. However, after a few areas are finished and roughly half the guild is unlocked the game becomes a dull, frustrating grind and the music snippets irritate more than amuse. I wonder if more than 5% of people finish the campaign. Enjoy it!

Great game, very fun to play and while away the time with. It's made my train journeys a lot more enjoyable. One tiny-winy request, however: Would it be possible to apply the Turbo mode only for movement/battle and not general dialogue? Bit difficult to read the speech bubbles with it on. Amazing!

Seems like a fun and unique game. But it keeps freezing on me when I beat the first dungeon & I can't get past that point. Yes i uninstalled & reinstalled, but still having an issue. I really wana try this game Good

Amazing game with a really fun combat and progression system. I like the battle scars combined with permadeath it makes me care about my dungeoneers. Had a few crashes, but didn't lose any progress. Great game overall, keep the free content coming. Fabulous!

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