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I've used lots of tracking apps before and I really like this one. It is a little clunky for food entry, but that is totally worth dealing with for the week long goal concept. Now one bad day doesn't mean it's all over. The app adjusts and keeps you on track for the week. I'm very happy with the free app. I may purchase the full app, but I think it is a little too expensive right now. Good

Pretty comprehensive but VERY difficult to set up meals (instead of re-entering or reselecting food items for each meal). Not clear or intuitive at all. I was able to set up one meal and can't seem to get back to the option to do it for others so I have to enter individual food items/ingredients for each meal. Needs UI work. Awesome

Really like the full week calorie count method! Doesn't make you feel like a failure if you eat too much one day. First week through and I'll be keeping up with this app! Plus I like to see the macros change with each food consumed, makes you more aware of what you are eating!! Oh, but the foods eaten need updated, a lot of foods aren't on it. Fabulous!

Im giving this a generous 3 because i like the interface and its easy to use. It has a good basis but has a lot to work through. My 1st week i lost 2 lbs and it lowered my calories by almost 300 a day. Hmm what? My 2nd week i lost 1 lb and it lowered by 100 a day. So ive gone from 2340 to 1940. The next week im just starting my period and dont lose anything. Reasonable. It lowers me to 1560 a day. Insane. So i go online and calculate my tdee and it suggests 2300 a day. So i do my own calories. 2200 a day and the 4th week im down 2 lbs. Bye bye bloat. I feel like it shouldnt adjust after only 1 week. Especially to such a drastic difference. Its too hard to go from eating 2200 go 1600 in 3 weeks. Im only saying these things because if i was a novice i could be eating dangerously low. Luckily im not and knew enough to research. So dont just use this app as your one and only source. Educate and use this as a tool. Not a rule. Works perfectly

I love this app! It's so easy to use, and has all kinds of foods that can be added directly with scanning. It has all the fruits and vegetables in the library as well, and makes creating my own recipes simple. Would love to be able to track of goals for five fruits and vegetables a day, 1000 mg of calcium (DRV for women) or a water consumption goal. 5 star

This app is great! The barcode scanner is super handy and it's also convenient that there's an add your own info function to use if your barcode isn't listed. I also love the little inspirational quotes. With the limits set I'm certainly not going hungry and am much more aware of what's going into my body. Keep up the good work. Perfect

Very usefull app. The macros keep challenging me every time I input the consumed calories. Thanks. Perfect!

I like this app. Fairly simple to navigate, not super naggy with notifications, and the fact that it let's me know what the rest of the week's calorie count looks like as I eat is handy. I've just finished with week 1 and going strong, I'm excited to explore more of the app's features as I go along wow lol

App is definitely user-friendly. There is much to explore and learn about yourself while using it. I began using as part of a New Year resolution, and the results have been great! Just wow

I've only been with this application for a few days. So far I have really enjoyed it. Muito bom!

This app is simple and useful. It's also very helpful, and it makes it easy to stay on track. Worth a go!

Simple to use. I love how you get a weekly goal and if you have a slip up it adjusts the rest of the daily goals Great!

It's been 3 weeks and I've lost a little over 7 pounds. The 1st and 3rd weeks I lost that weight because my 2nd week was around the holiday and I only gained 0.2 lbs which is very little. Now I'm back on trying to keep my perfect streak going. You only keep your streak if you lose weight, not gain. So it's like a little game I'm trying to beat til I reach my goal of losing 50 lbs 5 star

Not bad. I like that it keeps track and adjusts accordingly. I like the motivational quotes which I will be able to fully see in the update. The customer service is excellent but I am still keeping it at a 3 as I don't find the format very user friendly. It almost makes me dread using it. Make it easier to find foods previously entered. Easier to create meals. I've been using MFP and lose it And sorry but find them way more user friendly. love it

Accurate macros, great quotes, fast and large food database, intuitive and clean, discrete ads, adjusts future limits based on your intake, and they didn't skimp on features in the free version. I don't typically rate apps but I had to for this as one of the best I've downloaded. Fabulous!

Doing the tracking isn't fun but it's easy. I'm more aware of what I eat in relation to the goal I've set and I'm making progress!!! So excited I've lost 42 lbs already!!! Good

Downloaded this last night after looking at a lot of apps for tracking my food. It was easy to set up - backs up on my google account through Google Play which is very nice. Easy to add food with a barcode scanner which found foods I didn't expect it to find (Aldi's store food, wheat meat hotdog and a green powder as examples. The barcode scanned worked very well. You can copy foods from one day to another. It also calculates your daily calories showing the protein, carbs and fat to eat. So far, I'm impressed on what it can do. Superb!

Not bad. I like that it keeps track and adjusts accordingly. The motivational quotes would be great if I could see the whole message. And really dissaointed that it doesn't have sections for breakfast lunch and dinner etc. Just a jumble of food I've eaten. Should be more organized. Omg

I was having a hard time losing weight. This app has helped me finally start losing! I'm glad this app is available! Good

I love this app. Love the quotes, the adjustments, the food list, and especially the fact that I can customize macronutrients. love it

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