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Eager to see how well. it works, day 3 and it makes total sense. Just be honest with yourself about your food intake Enjoy it!

I was looking for a quick entry system to track my food intake. This does a GREAT job! 5 star

Very basic (its a good thing!) It makes tracking calories easy as well as your progress for weight loss Perfect

Happy with this app, it easily tracks macros and has a ton of food choices when entering food. Also like that it sets goals for a week and adjusts if you eat more calories in one day. Works great

Just started to utilize this app, but I will say it is very easy to utiluze,and the staff answered my request within minutes. Cool

I am so surprised of all that this does for being a free app. I never have tried a calorie counting diet plan, but with the ability to scan barcodes or search by product name, it is so easy. There were days I "messed up" and there were days I kicked butt and stayed focused and driven and since its not just a daily allowance, but a total combined weekly count, I never felt deterred to give up on it. Excited for the continuing weeks to come Marvelous

Great app. I lost a lb my first week. Personal Trainer was awesome. My He gave me a awesome 7 day meal plan and had great foods. It even includes recipes. 5 star

I absolutely live the dashboard on this app so much better than the others. I can always find what I'm looking for when logging food and am successfully losing weight with it. I lost 4 pounds just in my first week!!! Works perfectly

Very difficult to find an app which lets yoh simply enter calories eaten and track it against your goals. This one does it. All the other require you to enter food items eaten which takes much more time then I could ever care. Recommend

I am so much more mindful of the amount I'm eating and I love being able to choose any foods that fit my daily goals! Highly Recommend.

Love this app I have lost a total of 11lbs in just 3 weeks!! It has helped me out Soo much. Amazing!

Great app to lose weight. I've been using it for 3 weeks and have lost 15 pounds. Awesome

This is a great app that is simple and easy to use. Plus the fact it integrates with Google fit is a plus. The only thing I wish is I could just do a one time purchase and unlock the entire apps capabilities. I don't see how anyone would want to monthly subscribe to anything other than an mmo or video type service. I use the free version and am happy enough with it though. Well done!!

Great app even for maintaining pregnancy weight or gaining just enough to bounce back after it. It lets you monitor your nutrition and the things you eat. I am in love with this app! wow lol

Easy to use and it honestly works. I can't believe that I can eat as many calories as the app allows and still lose weight. I lost 4lbs the first week!!!!! Go well

I've only used it,for a week but I have already referred two of my friends to this app. Superb!

If you follow the plan, it works. Have to keep your mind focused and follow through. Worth a go!

Eh, My Fitness Pal is better..most food on this app isn't accurate. even when scanned. disappointed. editing because their customer service is great and they seem to care about customer opinions and needs Good

I'm so happy to have found this weight loss tool application. It has really been a pleasure using it. It has been fun and exciting to use each day. Thanks Poundaweek for the encouragement this application has given me. I look forward to using it for the next 72+ weeks! Sincerely, Phyllis 5 star

Easy to use and so far successful! Lost 3 pounds in the first week! Helps me stay on track with accountability. Muito bom!

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