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It really helped me think about what I'm eating and make choices about that God. Fabulous!

Not that this is a bad app, just on low carb and it's making me feel like a loser for going over caloric/fat intake. It is keeping good track of my carb intake Brilliant

Great app to help keep you on track no matter if you want to lose weight, gain it, or maintain. Already losing weight and I just started a week ago Go well

Simple to use. Love the graphics. Makes calculations easy and simple to adjust to your needs. Only wish there was a way to add water reminder. Good

Has a lot to offer but is difficult to read the stats. Would like to see today compared to the daily goal. Also the food database seems very American based. No data for Canadian restaurants. Awesome

I really like it, is really easy to use and bloody helpful. I would like the database to be a little more global but, in everything else, this app is just the best. Fabulous!

Great App easy to use. The only negative is sometimes it takes awhile to find the correct foods to enter though search. Well done!!

So far the most useful weight loss app I have tried. Easy to update my daily info and the macro pie chart is a great tool to help me from eating every carb I can find ;) Works great

Started this 3weeks ago and it really works. It's easy to enter food and the inspirational quotes are motivating! Well designed and works for my busy schedule. Surprisingly

Great app to help keep you on track no matter if you want to lose weight, gain it, or maintain 5 star

This app is wonderful. I Love it. I used to use weight watchers app but this allows more detailed tracking without having to convert points. Must have

Simple tracking of what you eat. It works if you accurately log what you consume. Helps with accountability. Love the encouraging quotes it offers up. 5 star

Good app just wish it would have more food. Lots of bar codes I scanned and it said nothing existed. Worth it!

This app is absolutely amazing. They keep up with what you eat what you need to eat and if you are worried you get too many calories don't worry all you gotta do is enter your height, weight and, age along with gender and they'll help you out. Must have

I like this app but I wish there was a way to add all of food from one sandwich or salad. Like if I have a sub, I could add what veggies, meats, dressings all at one time. Then it would calculate approximately how much calories I've eaten for that sub or salad. Instead of having to add everything individually. That would be great! Cool

This app is helping me through my weight loss. I feel better about the foods I eat, and I'm seeing great results because I see my calorie, carbohydrates and protein in- take. It is also compatible with workout extension tool app's. Love this app Worth a go!

This app is easy and intuitive to use and is a good way to track food intake. I like how it adjusts your calorie limit as the week progresses based on what you've already eaten. Works perfectly

Love the detail and design of app. Only suggestions would be in saving food item, we could select the day and meal for food item. Aso, main screen lists dates and calories eaten as a bar graph for dates, be able to touch date on graph to access food eaten for date. Must have

This app is keeping me motivated and on track for my 3 weeks I have gained 2 too excited....its hard to find an app that motivates the skinny girlz that's looking to gain the healthy weight....#skinnygirlzrock!!! Brilliant

Easy to use and I never had to enter any custom foods it was all in the app! Simple and fast and really helped me stay on target! Well done!!

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