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Love the detail and design of app. Great concept to have weekly calorie total available for tracking. Surprisingly

I really like this app. It's very user friendly with a fun but still functional design. It's also got a very neutral tone to it, which sounds like an odd thing to say about a calorie counting app, but so far it hasn't mad me feel guilty or anxious about eating like other apps have in the past. Highly Recommend.

The app is great!!! I lost 3lbs in one week which may not be much to many but it is for me since I have been at a plateau for a while! It really helps get all your intake habits into perspective. The only thing would be the photo feature: it doesn't always identify all of the foods accurately, at least the complex ones, but all the other ones it does. Definitely a great app though and worth the download!!! Good

I love the ability to add macros and tracking is much easier than my fitness pal!! Outstanding! Great!

Perfect app to reach your weight goals. You can keep track of what you ate via barcode scan, picture, or manually. Poundaweek motivates you to be healthy and aware of what you eat. Flawless

Works as a food diary, but if you exceed your goals, it doesn't know what to do and calls your week a fail. "Didn't enter enough food?" Basically, don't try to lose more than a single pound per week, or the app just doesn't work right. Worth a go!

Been trying it for 3 weeks now. Haven't lost any weight but it definitely opens your eyes to the food that we shove down our mouths. It certainly makes me think twice before snacking on junk and downing a bottle of wine a day. Brilliant

It's easy to use. Keeps me focused. Great app for analysis of what one eats and drinks. Marvelous

Great app, knows lots of food & easy to log food & exercise. Reasonable goals. Worth it!

Really liking this app. So far have lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks. Better than other weight loss apps I've used. Really like the motivational quotes. Works great

I love this app! The motivational messages really helped when I felt like giving in to my cravings. Great job

It was a bit confusing to add new foods to your catalog but once I got used to it the app became easy and fun to use. Worth a go!

I think this is a great app. Easy to add new foods, keeps a list of foods you eat regularly and the scanner is nice too. Losing weight at a reasonable pace which is the best way to keep it off. Great!

The first week I lost 7 pounds. Very exciting. You also get a lot more calories than other counters I have tried. I plan on updating weekly. Perfect

Love this app more than other weight loss food tracking apps def far better than Lose it 5 star

I love that I can adjust my logs from previous days. I love the camera and scan tool. It makes it so much easier to track my food. Fantastic

I think it's great for tracking my diet. Awesome app. It tracks the barcode very easily. Awesome

I'm very happy with this app. It does everything I need it to. After the first week I'm down 2.2 pounds. Fabulous!

I think that this is one of the best Magee apps that I have used. The interface is simple, but the app itself is quite powerful. The best part is probably the graphical representation of your weekly progress being so easy to read and understand. Omg

This app is very easy to use. It gives u a total amount of calories for the week and then subtracts what u eat. Marvelous

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