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Great app. Easy to input calories consumed and exercise details. I like the way your daily calorie intake adjusts to activity and breakdown of protein,carbs & fat. It's making me think more carefully about what I eat. I'm also drinking more water! Thank you. Amazing!

I've tried a bunch of apps to log food intake with a goal to lose weight. This is the best I've found. Giving me a pot of calories too use over seven days that will assist me in keeping with a doable goal of one pound a week has helped a lot. It cuts off the abstinence violation effect that can occur when I have bad day or eat something that isn't a good choice. It motivates me to make some adjustments on following days to adjust for those not great eating days. Flawless

This app has helped me so much . From it being easy to use, can personalize any option, calorie counts, you can personalize your daily macros such as carbs fats proteins, and has water reminders ! Love this app . Highly Recommend.

The personal food database is so full of features it seems complicated at first but stick with it, it's really a great app once you get the hang of it. Recommend

I Love this app, it's easy and really helps me make the right choices. Wish it would track sodium, it would be perfect in every way. Omg

Easy to use. Motivational. Effective. I like the food product scan. The only suggestion is to also track nutrients like fiber and potassium. Brilliant

Great app - moving goals based on my eating and activity is great and logging is easy. Only complaint would be a slightly weird interface (not sure why it can't be more standard Android-style interface). Otherwise recommended. Enjoy it!

I've only completed my first week but so far so good. This app is awesome. I would definitely recommend to anyone that has goals they want to set. Best calorie tracker I've found. Pretty good

Been losing every week. Easy to use Does not keep asking for money like other apps. I like seeing the carbs, fat, protein analysis. So far so good! Fantastic

Just completed 1st week lost 2 lbs .I like the bar code scanner it makes it easier. Surprisingly

So far seems like a decent app. Food entry is easy enough. Suppose track my workout via Google Fit and adjust accordingly. Every active gym goer so will So far didn't record any workout. What's missing is a widget for home screen. Well done!!

Easy to use, easy to read. Scanner works flawlessly making input quick and easy. Awesome

Really good app. Keeping track of my food and my workouts and I've lost over 2 pounds in a week. Super helpful Marvelous

Amazing app. Very easy to use. Great motivational quotes to keep you inspired. Have lost weight every week so far. Cool

This app keeps me motivated to meet my goals. Very user friendly and accurate in calorie count. Surprised I lost 4lbs in week one. Works perfectly

So far this app has been amazing. Just need to stay diligent on inputting what calories are being consumed and watch the weight disappear Perfect

Been using the app. for a week, Super user friendly, my better than myfitnesspal. All foods I eat have been in there so far. Still lovin the app. Awesome

I was looking for a food diary so I can get to a healthier place and this app had all I needed and more. Marvelous

Think it's great- like the way it adjusts. Helping me learn what I should be eating! Works great

Keeps you on track with calories and resets next day if you go over. Simple to use!! Perfect!

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