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It's really good. The food database is really reliable and has a large selection of items. The "quick input" for random calories is nice and easy. It also sets the stage for an attainable goal, and then it adjusts your calories based on results on a weekly basis. That's pretty awesome. It's also visually very nice, It doesn't seem nearly as cluttered as most diet apps, it's got a bit of a minimalist feel. Bottom line is that it's really good, really simple and really good. Cool

Poundaweek I love it I started out at 184 I'm now at 177 it's not really a diet it just helps u so u know how munch you can eat Saturday I had a small pizza and boneless wings I guessed on the calories I was so sure I gained but I didn't this app is the best I've ever known I can choose to eat anything but stay under v the calories I'm happy with this app I'd recommend it for any one Amazing!

Good Tool Have been using for about 3 weeks. It may take that long to get comfortable with using it. Good motivator. Easy to manually enter foods or scan bar code. No login required. Highly recommend. Go well

Loved it! This is the best apps for me. It will tell you everything as long as you know how to navigate it. Fabulous!

Works for me I mostly just needed an app to track what I eat, and the calorie counting and macronutrient breakdown helps keep me on track. It isn't anything super fancy, but this app works. Not bad

Great app, it definitely keeps you on track if you follow your macronutrient breakdown and input all items that you consume. Brilliant

Customer Service Excels I had a problem with the app and the developer responded promptly...and fixed the problem. I have since found a second bug and emailed him and know it will be fixed with haste. Customer service is top notch. The app it self is good, but not intuitive. You'll need to take time to learn how it works. So far, I find it's worth it. Well done!!

Like it, but lacking I like the look, simplicity, and how easy it is to add food, but I need to track micro nutrients such as saturated fats. If it had this feature, the app would be great for me. Pretty good

Helps keep you on track I used other calorie counting apps and always plateaued. It was because I would sometimes go over during the day, get discouraged, and stop tracking. PW forces you to track everything you eat, because if you don't the app won't work properly. Also if you go over on a day it subtracts the value from the next day so you can still keep a deficit. Great app! Good

Weekly Calories I originally found this on reddit, where the developer was originally getting the word out for it. I installed it about three weeks ago. Second week, I simply ate too much, which caused me to stay the same right. The app told me as much (which I really appreciate) rather than merely saying I failed the week without any advice. Really like the weekly calorie focus over MFP's daily focus, which allowed me to have some flexibility in my calorie intake. Pretty good

Brilliant Simple and clean interface - I'm finding it far more useful than any of the other trackers I've used. Great work! Cool

Wow! Unreal! It works! This app is easy to use and I can already feel it working wonders! Highly recommended. Go well

Fantastic Easy to use, helps you keep track of what you eat while keeping it simple. Making weight loss easy. Recommended. Highly Recommend.

I enjoy this app a lot Of course it's not as big as the other calorie counting app but I think with time and more support it can grow into something more. I mean if the developer can make this by himself I'm excited to see what he can see make if this gets big. Eventually I'd like to see some social interaction between friends. Also one thing I'd like to change is have the calories for the day left and not how much I have eaten so far. Omg

Seems good A great idea, however from an Australian perspective every food I've scanned so far isn't in the database and the search seems to go on the first word mostly. Other tracking apps definitely do have the foods I'm searching for (I tried side by side). So apart from the effort of adding more manually because stuff isn't found, the app is good. Pretty good

Amazing Best calorie counter app I used. User interface could be better but otherwise it's amazing. Cool

Doing it right Very simple to learn and use, I love the UI design, intuitive features and the concept of weekly check-in. I would only suggest lowering the daily calorie limit that can be set, for the benefit of us short people. Worth it!

Like the concept but... It freezes and crashes, there's no separation of logged foods into meals and the UI isn't very intuitive. Fantastic

Very smart calorie counter I was happy to find out a app like this exists. I love how it adjusts your diet goals based on your progress, every week. Awesome

One of a kind ! Has all the features I've been looking for. Sets my calories, carbs, fats, and protein... automatically. Awesome ! Fabulous!

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