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Great App Nice, realistic approach to weight loss in a sustainable way. No starvation or taboo foods, just moderation and nutrient goals to meet through out a week. Th developer team is very responsive. Amazing!

This app is great, It is easier than others I have used. I even received an e-mail from the developer's when I didn't know how to correct something. I would highly recommend it. Great job

I adore this app! It is great looking at things from a weekly scale rather than just a daily, and honestly, it makes me more likely to use it. I am looking forward to an update that allows for exercise input as well outside of wearables. As the database grows, I think Poundaweek will be a real gamechanger. Not bad

Awesome! Been loving this app so far. It has an awesome user interface, easy to use, and makes keeping track of calories super easy. Enjoy it!

It's okay I like the UI, and some neat tools. But I hate ads. At least give us an option to remove them by a single payment. Amazing!

Early success and new motivation This app changed the way I look at my calorie consumption. With other apps, I would go over my daily limit and just keep counting no matter how far over I was. With PoundAWeek, I pay closer attention to my daily and weekly limits and work hard to stay within them. I love that it adjusts the calorie limits daily based on what I consumed the previous day. I have seen some early success and am motivated to continue. I look forward to a paid version without ads and the ability to sync across devices. Fantastic

Effective The calories get a little out of control. I call it my nazi calorie counter. 6000 calories for the week, really? Flawless

Nice app Really nice layout... I like the weigh in reminder. Wish it had a breakfast/lunch/dinner section for a more organized look. Works perfectly

2 weeks I've only had this app for that long and I've dropped 5 pounds while on it. Highly recommend if you have problems with portion sizes. Perfect!

Perfect and it works for me! Being able to see weekly calorie needs like a bank account balance allows me to make the best choices as to how I "spend" my calories. So far I have lost 4 lbs in 2 weeks:) I also exercise 2 to 3 x a week which I don't track. It's so hard for me to lose; watching it finally come off is amazing. Calories in calories out. Cherry pie and wine along with chili and salad are all over my diary;) I was skeptical but CI/CO is true! This app is indispensable. Surprisingly

it's perfect. If other apps don't work for you try this! I always had trouble using other app like myfitnesspal because if I went over I felt like a failure but here if I go over a little bit it is evened out the next day so it's really good and not as discouraging! I'm down 5 pounds :) Recommend

It's easy to use. I like that it's a week at a time. It helps keep goals reasonable. Fabulous!

Great app Allows you to eat what you want and still lose some weight. It has stopped me from overeating on several occasions. But with the holidays, I am still able to eat what I want, as much as I want, and still weigh in for losses! Just wow

Great for consistent weight loss It's not a drastic, over the top weight loss program that gets the best results. It's nothing more than a pound a week, and this app helps accomplish that with ease. The hardest part is not too self indulge! But when you see what you eat, by counting the calories, you can make a better and more informed decision about your eating habits. This app is great!! Good

Great app, love the bar scanner feature. I'm using it to build muscle, might I suggest an option to have a weight gain goal or something of the like? Recommend

Easy to use. Actually getting my husband and I to log our food intake for a full month so far has helped us both lose weight through accountability. Must have

Love It Whatever questions I have are answered promptly by their support team. It is very detailed and many options regarding what food or quantity... Flawless

Works well Could use some favorite/meal UI improvements, but overall the best app of its kind. It stays out of the way and does one thing and does it well. No cheerleading, recipes, or central servers to create an account on. I like that it integrates with Google fit and adjusts based on daily activity. Works great

Love it - one thing missing I like the feature that allows you to connect Google fit, but how do I know if it updated or not? Might I suggest adding a field that tells you how many calories you burned this week. If you add that then your app will become my go to calorie counter! I love the concept! Perfect

Great App Love the concept.. Easy to use. However it doesn't seem to incorporate BMR when adjusting for calorie requirements. It seems just to utilize the activities synced with Google Fit. The calculations are off significantly compared to Fitbit and SHealth. Perhaps I have the setting off. Works perfectly

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