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For me, best app I found. No joining. Ads aren't annoying. Easy start since one pound a week is very doable to start with. I am in my 60s and lost 20lbs the first time. My situation changed and l put it back on. I tried to reverse things on my own but got nowhere. Calorie counting is what works for me. Highly Recommend.

I wish this app was better made. Full of glitches - you can't exit (gotta hit "back" button many times). Still it helped me to shed 2 kilos already and I am sure I will do even better. Brilliant

Love the fact that it's a weekly goal, not daily. Had a really bad day but managed to off-set it the rest of the week and met my target. Just wow

I've been on MFP for a while but this app is a lot easier to use. It's accurate and let's you build up your uneaten calories through the week. Fantastic

This tracks weight, nutrition, and water consumption. Work out logging is ok, but i wish i could input some as manual and some with pre-recorded calorie loss instead of all or nothing pre-recorded. Still, i lost 10 pounds within 5 weeks (2 pounds per week) and still going Superb!

I'm on a keto journey right now and this app has helped me tremendously! Definitely an essential app Recommend

Love it Just been on this app for 4 weeks and have lost 6lbs. I love the macronutrional percentages. That allows me to stay under my cabs and fat. 5 star

It's great it reminds me if I'm forgetting to add something, it keeps me on track with everything Pretty good

I love this app! It's easy to use and keeps me on track. I would highly recommend it! Fabulous!

If it connected to Fitbit it would be perfect. I would gladly pay for that feature. Surprisingly

Love the ease of tracking water & food consumption. Putting exercises in was a bit of an issue, but customer service was responsive & help with the issue.. Great app & definitely recommend downloading. Only issue is I wish you could review previous weeks. Marvelous

A little confusing for me at first, but easy to use once I got the hang of it. I like the app & it's very helpful for losing weight. Worth a go!

Needs updated to link with other fitness trackers to track calories burned... Great concept, easy to use! Worth it!

This has made a huge difference in my eating habits. I could not have done this without this app. The trainer is awesome. I love that i can take pictures of the sku it makes it So easy! Not bad

I like it so far. I like the fact that it counts your macros for you on the free membership. Highly Recommend.

First time I used this I lost 25 lbs. About 1lb sometimes 2 lbs a week just depends but never gained. I'm starting again so crossing my fingers I'll lose more. No problems with the app. Easy to add food water and workout. Highly recommend. Brilliant

I started using this app about a month and a half ago and I already lost 5 pounds. It's also a great reminder to not forget to eat, I'm guilty of this and I love this feature and this app! Cool

Great app. Would be better if you could enter weight when resetting new start week. Colors make it hard to see some data. Better than weight watcher app. Great job

Excellent app to track and maintain your weight through calorie intake, no need to search the web for calories of each food, as the app has a fluid built-in feature to search, select quantity and add that food to your daily calorie intake, which also gives you a breakdown of fats, carbs and proteins consumed along with target to maintain. Along with all this the app allows you to input your workout type, time and calories burned, thus adjusting the daily allowed calorie intake. Last but not the least, the app shows great motivational sayings on daily basis. love it

It works! Reasonable goal of 1 lb per week is sustainable. Great built in database of foods. Ability to add your own menu items. Easy to use. This one works Well done!!

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