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I love it!!! This is Dec 6 when I'm doing this. This is also the first day I got this game and I've got to say that I love this game a lot. I am not any bit disappointed. App makers please make more games like this one. To me this game is a lot of inspiration for knowing lots of songs. If you get this game you will know more songs Superb!

So called Greatness This game has me hooked. But I have to agree Amy winehouse and Gnarls Barkley are not rock and certain songs are in the wrong categories but that's it stupendous knowledge game well done guys please sort out bugs will keep trying this app daily as I love it so much but each time over the last week it keeps saying "time out, error detected" So at the mo I'm reducing this from five to three the second you fix it will reincrease it five stars sorry 5 star

Nickelback is not metal Nickelback and Guns N Roses are not heavy metal. Furthermore, add some real metal songs not by artists like Blind Guardian, Stratovarius, Sabaton and Crimson Glory. I've been listening to heavy metal for 25 years and I've never even heard of the last band. Pretty good

Pacunit OK like the game not hard to earn coins. But seriously, christian and gospel are 2 separate categories. Try listening to Pandora or any other music station, and you will see that Casting Crowns/Third Day is not gospel. Not bashing my brothers and sisters,its just in the wrong category game wise. Great!

US TV Theme Category I really like this game and all but Im kinds of upset over this category. They didn't even put California as The OC theme song which made me kinda pissed. Most of the other ones are accurate but COME ON! Must have

So fun! I love music, singing and playing the guitar to m favourite songs. And this is the best way to know more and more songs. It gives people a chance to put their noliege to the test! Works great

To many ads, they should extend the paying time of the music not just 5 songs, and there should be more variety of music. Works perfectly

I like it but I have already ran out of genres and I have thousands of coins. There is no description of how to get the other genres..I want more! Fantastic

It's a great way to test your knowledge of music. The only problem I have is that I can't buy any new genres when I have enough coins to buy Go well

Name the song Music thru different time periods. Awesome!! I fell in love with it from first time playing. I would highly recommend this to anyone with a love for music trivia. Superb!

This so much fun plus upsetting cuz you're not sure what age group your from. Fun fun. love it

Good but bad The game is good but it dose Muito bom!

Guess The Song It's just what it says ,you guess the name of the song,or the artist.I thought my memory was getting to be not so great.Well this game proved me wrong. Worth it!

I love the app but you should make the song previews a little longer than a few seconds. You should also try an add a jpop music section with the kpop section already on there. Other than that. I'm loving this game. Well done!!

Guess the song I love this game soooooo much!! Best guess the song app ever!! My son and I love to battle, highly recommended!! Omg

The best quiz game in the world The game is so awesome my 11 year old daughter and her friends love playing this on there phone's Surprisingly

Awsome I play it with my cuz and me are learning the name aand the author to these song and it is fun to go against each other. Perfect!

Love this game!!!!! This game is one of the best i had so far there is no ads and you can play it with friends and just by yourself if you are reading this i think that you should get this game. wow lol

Fun but hard I love it but it is hard I need to work on it I will git better and better Fabulous!

A good app.. A really good app to play on! I liked it.. but everytime I switch the game on an ad pops out everytime. Brilliant

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