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Cute App!!! The weather is very accurate and the cat makes me laugh...brightens up my day even when the weather sucks. Muito bom!

So fun to see what Grumpy Cat has to say everyday. He always makes me laugh...sometimes out loud! Fantastic

Most accurate of any weather apps I have used. Plus love Grumpy Cat so worth it just for him! Go well

I love the cats. They are very funny. I have fun sending screenshots of them to my mom and friends. The only thing doesn't let you serch different areas of the world. Like if I wanted to know the weather in lusby, Maryland, I would have to go there. wow lol

I love looking at Grumpy Cat's pics while I check out the weather. The memes are great too. Since it's weather is done by accuweather u know it's going to be correct. Great job

I like how there is always a different grumpy cat pic to look at daily. It would be boring looking at the same pic each day. Good job to the people who made this app. It's my fav weather app I've ever had on my phone. Must have

He puts a smile on my face it is the best app ever and Evey one should get it(especially if you LOVE grumpy cat Marvelous

Don't get the cat thing first of all, no offense. The radar is difficult to adjust down to the neighborhood level. Tough to see in bright Florida sunshine. love it

I downloaded different cities just so I could see what grumpy cat thinks of them. Good

Provides the weather info I want along with my favorite cat who always makes me laugh. Fabulous!

Most accurate weather app, of any weather app, that I have used. In addition, it gives you a daily bit of humor. Wish they had a widget built into it. Highly Recommend.

Grumpy Cat always makes me laugh, what's not to love? An evil laugh, of course. Recommend

Absolutely love it. When I now talk about the weather (country people and all that) I always manage to fit on a "the cat says..." Well thought out, and the forecasts are close to correct to boot. Highly Recommend.

Just a fun little weather app - I love sending the pictures to my daughter in California. I love Grumpy Cat! Highly Recommend.

Weather has never been so adorable! Although I do not live in a state that has drastic momentary changes and extreme cyclical conditions, most of my relatives live in the states that experience some of the more extreme of the four seasons; we just have Green and On Fire. Muito bom!

I really enjoy sharing this with my friends. They pull out their phones to check the weather and I'll say, "Let's see what Grumpy Cat has to say about it." That always gets their attention. Must have

Grumpy cat being grumpy and telling you the weather at the same time... What's not to like?! 5 star

I love it. Look forward to seeing each picture of Grumpy Cat. He is so adorable. Weather is great too.Who uninstalled it.I didn't. love it

Freaking incredible. I've seen a lot of Grumpy memes, but this app always surprises me with new ones. I usually have to screen shot at least one a day to laugh at later. It's useful and funny. It's an app you need! Worth it!

I searched for a very long time to find a weather app that suited me and provided the amount of information I wanted in my weather. I'm very pleased to have found "Grumpy Cat". Must have

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