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New restaurants get added all the time (in Cincinnati, Ohio) which is really cool. Grubhub itself is a pretty nice app, I just wish you could communicate with the restaurants through the app more effectively, rather than just putting a note on a particular menu item when you order it. Would be cool if they would say on the app when they are out of certain things. We seem to always order the items/toppings that they just happen not to have that day, then they have to call us and ask us to order something else. It's kind of irritating. Great job

Super convenient because I'm super lazy. (-: Grub hub is a must if you like to avoid people like I do! Easy to use, timely delivery, and your interaction with the driver is very brief. Fantastic

Made the necessary changes and is good again. The restaurants in my area are back too which makes it easy. Hopefully it stays and political opinions do not interfere with business. Works great

Grubhub has my heart. I'd marry it if I could. I've never had a problem. If any issues have popped up it's with the restaurant itself, not Grubhub. Worth a go!

My only problem is when I enter requests in the comments, they are pretty commonly unfulfilled (i.e. taking an ingredient out and notating an allergy). It would be better if the restaurants/delivery teams would pay attention and check the order before delivery. Surprisingly

It's very staright forward and easy to use. Very good set up. And takes care of the tip, and everything on the app itself. So there is no figuring out tipping, push what you want. And it shows up. Perfect setup and design for the intended purpose. Highly Recommend.

The app is great and so is the customer service. However, they should be more choosey with the restaurants and companies they do business with. If a place falls below a certain rating for a length of time they should be booted. Surprisingly

ETA is not accurate. Order took well over an hour for a restraunt less then 10mins from my house. Could improve on timing. Amazing!

I've only ordered once, now waiting on my second order now. I did say no feta though and guess what was in my grilled veggies? wow lol

It's honestly the only food app that I use. All other food apps fail in comparison Muito bom!

Time frame always changes and there has very rude drivers. When you call the customer service number they are always helpful. Go well

I am a caregiver. I have food delivered to my family members address; pay and tip the restaurant, and have peace of mind that my family member has a hot meal when I am not there. I have found this app so helpful, especially in times of a snowstorm. Great!

They provide a wide selection of food and restaurants. My only dislike is their home tab, it can be very confusing and make it difficult to find specific types of restaurants. Works great

Best delivery service ever! I've tried several services, they never come through somehow. Thank you so much for having such great drivers, very nice people, really fast service. Couldn't be happier! Great job

I love grubhub. The new 20% autotip function is frustrating. It updates itself and is calculated on your order plus the extra fees. This seems misleading. Great!

I never call in to order food anymore & you're offered discounts here & there. Not talking to ppl & offered discounts...what's better than that? Perfect!

I no longer have to limit myself to one sort of food/one place to eat at and it works for easy pickings for meals at the office. Amazing!

Easy. Convenient. Perfect for evenings when I am too tired to cook, and already in comfy clothes so don't want to go out. Pretty good

This App is Cra cra cool. I live in a hard to get to Apt. But 95% drivers have no problem getting to me. 100% meals do arrive. Great service. Enjoy it!

The delivery person is never able to read my address, it shows fine for me but they tell me the street is missing. Good

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