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Decent game. A little unbalanced at times. Missing clear instructions for a few aspects, but an amusing pastime. Muito bom!

Takes way too much money to upgrade a unit. Colonies barely generate any money compared to how much a unit upgrade costs and how much it costs to upgrade a colony, if they generated money offline I wouldn't complain, it would fix most of my issues. High cost means slow progress. 1h gameplay just to upgrade units enough to attack next city. 5 star

It was a great game before the recent update. Before, the upgrades were small, 1 or 2% increases in damage and range. Within the first 5 minutes 4 to 5 optional 30 second or minute ads popped up promising suspiciously high bonuses of 25% damage and other equally high bonuses. A 25% in damage should be noticed. It wasn't, in anyway. Even with multiple bonuses like this I lost more than before. They buff the enemies even more aftet that and make you lose more so you watch more ads. It's all a ruse for increased ad revenue. This new bonus system broke the game. Not bad

Great game alot of fun but I think you should change it so the gold will still collect while the game isn't being played. The skills cost could be reworked as well but the game is great and I'm enjoying it thoroughly Recommend

Really fun love the roman empire and I was finding it hard to find a good game involving romans that's why I give it all 5 stars Well done!!

Fun vame but relatively simple. I like that it doesnt make me wait for things to upgrade or ask for money to speed things up Go well

Very addictive game. Doesn't have the best graphics, but other than that it's pretty well made. Flawless

Awesome game, no pay to play or advance and cool battles that get better as you advance. Surprisingly

Too many ads. Some ads are not appropriate for children although the game is rated E for Your everyone. There should be an option to purchase an ad free version. Then it would be 5 stars. Great!

Got 350 good for this. All 5 btw. Also it seems good. I'm in Italy and have been playing for about 3h. Seems good. Ads are few and far between. You get ads for gold. Somewhat worth it. So far I can't complain. It's a good game. I'd recommend it. Just waiting till the later and harder levels. Next review incoming. =) Superb!

Can you please fix so skirmishers are not blocking for other units. Or make the other units smarter to actually run around the skirmishers? Highly Recommend.

Brilliant little time waster, great to have no purchases, good that optional videos let you get gold quickly, great game. Fabulous!

Fun strategy that provide long lasting drive to continue improving your town defensively, but at the same motivating the User to improve soldiers. Good

Its good but, I wish there could be a formation in your units, that you can selection when they are coming out the gate Omg

Fun game. Easy to advance unlike some games. To many adds but definitely good to kill time Perfect!

Fun tower defense game. And so far there's no in game purchases, just ads, which is great. Amazing!

The tutorial is incredibly short. It's simplistic but addictive. Another defend the wall and upgrade upgrade upgrade but still fun. Also, you get a lot of gold for writing a review. Works perfectly

I'd love a small amount of building and customisability, maybe more involvement with conquered colonies... other than that I like the battles. Awesome

Help I like the game but my account has been wiped and I don't want to spend lots of time doing it again Cool

So there are a couple of things I would change with this game. First and foremost, i think the game is very cool. It's fun to play and it's rewarding. That being said, I think there are some issues with the progression system. Perhaps re think how the experience points are distributed. I think unlocking the power like the arrows and the artillery should be 4pts and 8 pts but once they are unlocked they should be 1 pt to upgrade. It should not cost 4pts to upgrade the power a couple of damage points and a minor cool down discount. If that's all I get from the upgrade when make it cheaper. Also there possibly needs to be some rebalancing with the Iberian castles. They're very difficult to win given the units. I understand that it's probably doable but it's very challenging even if you have a lot of upgrades. Lastly I think the games should be adding money every minute outside of the game. That way when I come back to the game after working or sleeping I have some extra cash to spend. 5 star

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