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Great game but need to add something more to make it exciting. I play it offline but still needs something more. Great!

Was really excited for the update. Problem. Is that I now have everything unlocked and can't win anything. Troops get slaughtered on invasions but because I already was at this point before the update I didn't have the option to earn cards and gems. So I either have to start over or go into a pay to win mindset. Love the game but that's a terrible flaw... Flawless

After the update all the heroes lost their troops so please fix this as I have spent many gems on them. Could of had better graphics and also please add an option to allow a player to change the character's costumes after beating their army. love it

I like this game but the I like choosing different country like China dynasty soldiers,Japan samurai sodiers, and all heroes can can use defenses English knights soldiers I expect improvement in the future nice game. 5 star

The concept of the game is really good. Although it's repetitive. It would also be cool if each unit gets a decanus or centurion. Marvelous

Already addicted after the 1st install. Well balanced with ways to get upgrades and gold. Flawless

There is something wrong with this update.I am getting defeated in every battle. Flawless

After update, my "temporary increase unit damage" decreased from 80% to 30%. Please fix it!!! Recommend

Far too many ads. Getting an ad after every wave is ridiculous. That's non-gold ads mind you. Also takes far to long to generate enough good to upgrade units and such properly. Increase gold income from colonies. Decent game and neat how things change when upgraded but takes to long to upgrade because of gold requirements. Fantastic

Elephants Damage should be includes bcz its high damage in the my wall ......not complete only this stages but other high level is complete.. then five star Worth a go!

Fun little time waster. Lots of ads, but I understand the devs have to make money somehow, I haven't been bombarded by micro transaction requests. Overall a pretty fun game love it

This is my 1st time giving a review.... old or not this game is very fun.... clearly not pay to win... if you love strategy game I highly recommend it. love it

I am playing it for more than 1 hour. I like it this far, but the upgrade costs are getting out of hand for the units... Surprisingly

This is indeed an addicting game. Dont download it if you have better things to do with ur time! Lol Superb!

This is a good game, but way too many ads. Having to watch a video every 3 or 4 minutes is a little ridiculous. Brilliant

This is an amazing game, I've been playing it for 3 hours straight, I can't stop playing it. Great game, well done making it Must have

This game provides a good time killer that's not just a simple clicker. I recommend Pretty good

This review is completely pointless. I only gave it 5 stars for the coins in return love it

This game is fun, but can get a little boring after you have to grind to upgrade certain defenses or heroes. Recommend

cool game!! need update more bigger world map.. i already conquest all castle... its bored to always def sir Cool

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