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Just got this today and I love it already, easy to learn controls, great gameplay and an all round solid game so far. Superb!

I liked the game but it needs abit more work on the graphics but overall really good game Perfect!

So far pretty awesome.....more to come. a new phone. Game doesn't link with your Google account. Had to start over Omg

Great game! Would be nice if you could control your melee units a little more with formations (more Roman-esque) but still awesome fun! wow lol

Ok everything cost a lot and can u add mkres soliders each time and regenaration beacuse enemys are wuhping my ass ok and towers do more damage and enemys have less damage Great!

Good game. Hard to find single player games like this. Everything is a mmo now a days Amazing!

Actually, just what we want on our mobile phones and tablets. Serious gameplay and strategy, all wrapped up in a light hearted app. Good work devs... Surprisingly

I don't like the last update. Yes you are earning more money per wave, but you are getting way low crystals for upgrading the heroes and buying new mercenaries. I got to the point where just 3 range troops with 2 cavalary kills 3 waves of my troops with minimal casulties...That's not balance. BTW: I almost upgraded all troops to the max (2 troops are max lvl) and all attack skills for the troopa are max 25. Edit: I do recommend this game to everyone. It's great. Great!

Around 4 hours in and great so far. Really entertaining and a suberb way to pass the time. Great work on the defence gameplay as well as the invading in the map. Works perfectly

Pretty good so far. Don't really need to buy anything, so it's nice to just play Awesome

عالی گرمسار زیست شناسی خرمشهر گروه های جدید و بسیار زیبای علی لهراسبی به نام سامانه هنگام که رفتم بدن انسان را افزایش می‌دهد و به سلامتی همه چیز را در یک Flawless

Defence elements could have more depth like a true td game. But enjoyable and different Not bad

The game's great it's just I bought some jewels from the store and never received the Pretty good

It's a good way to spend some time. There is a nice balance between town builder and RPG type play. Works great

Add some alternatives to level up and gain gold or be able to earn gold in larger amounts per round. Recommend

وااااقعااااا عااالی خییییلییی خوبه Awesome

Really fun game i like it alot, but could you add more factions cause its just fun getting new legions. Keep it up, please! Fabulous!

I really like it. Could you please add a way to choose a different tribe okay? o==[]::::::::::::::::>●_● Cool

Since the last update where the balance of the game was adjusted I've lost some troops that stood outside castle have reduced from 8 each Down to five. Not happy, plus all wall, archer updates on each level is so much. The map part where you attack is nigh impossible now. I just don't like the new balance.. Poor work...when it was a good game and Way too many adverts though. Prefer to pay to get rid of adverts. Real shame Amazing!

Like the game a lot, but the last update screwed my progress. My battle cry used to do 70% damage increase now nerfed to 27%?! Works perfectly

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