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Overall it's good. Don't expect a high end mobile strategy game. It's a fun base defense and attack game. Not bad at all! Cool

I think that on map invade you should be more powerful. Because on map invade you are very weak Must have

The update was nice but I feel like they took more upgrades away, than anything. And no gold for the upgrades that got nerfed Perfect

I bought gems did not get them ripped off but then after repeated emails finally got them Amazing!

Was great till last upgrade. Greed taking over. interface new thing without explaining how they worked downgrade things people worked hard to do. Didn't even gift existing members. Guess they want game of war style of play by milking people for money and money for watching advertisements. Flawless

I have a question about the cards. They don't seem to be working for me. Is there a way to turn them on? wow lol

At first i thought it looked quite generic and boring but when i started playing i found out it's actually really fun Great job

Great little time killer. Cute graphics, decent upgrade system and fun balance between fort builder and unit management . Ads are frequent but not invasive, extra gold available with optional video ads. All in all a great game, totally recommend. Edit: ads are a little more invasive since update. Also, I was already high level before update, but I didn't receive anything towards cards or gems! I should have just started a new game and would be way more powerful! Now I am stuck with no accumulation of gems or cards even though I've played this game for a while. Unfair! Brilliant

It's cool to pass some time. The new update has killed it a little. Has taken away some of the upgrades it took ages to get. And now has 2 different maps?? Was great when it was just coins you had to fight for. Way to make a simple fun game complicated for no reason Enjoy it!

Good game lacks good graphics and easy controls to earn 5 star. Game is too slow in awarding coins for wins. but overall it's not too bad Flawless

Cool. A lot to do to finish. Bit annoying the assassin starts outside though. It takes a beating before the rest catch up Just wow

It's a good time killer but it would be nice to have the option to control your troops a little more and put them into sheild wall or something. Go well

Love the update. Needs updated instructions. As it is now I am uncertain about several new features love it

Game is decent, nice graphics and good for passig time ^.^ Only problem is,... why does my gold per mins is lower on...after the update... mines like 1k per min now its 800+ only T.T Could have been better Enjoy it!

Pretty nice game. Wish there was an aggressive/defensive mode for soldiers. My guys could stand and defend the gate while archers support. Fabulous!

It's a well designed game. You can't rush through it, it forces you to take your time. Good

Nice game i loved it but please add faction so we can play as the barbarians,italian and many more Muito bom!

ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME.the first time I played it I immediately fell in love with it Recommend

I like the game but the catapult is a bit hard to control, besides that the game is amazing Brilliant

Seems quite fun an hour in. Only concern is that I have several questions about about features and buttons.... but I see no in-game "?" Button for help. Trial and error is fine though, as failing seems to have no penalties..... Highly Recommend.

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