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This game is really cool but can you add more troop types and multiplayer but still mostly offline and also add quest for people to have a great experience and also add new game modes like survival,sandbox,army battles (it means without castles),etc. I know that this game have a great potential and if this happens people will play it much more and for the awesome developers of this game and to unity. Thank you for giving us a new angle of td games THANK YOU :) Enjoy it!

Love the game. But I hope there will be improvements with the gold per min. Hope there will be more updates to come. New enemies, new factions or new troops. Just wow

Great gameplay, controls are easy, graphics are simple but that helps with seeing what's what. There is very little skill involved, which is rather annoying. Still fun though. Go well

Very good game, simple yet unique. Although the unit prices are very expensive which prolongs the game into a draggy type which makes it a bit boring. But still good game small changes here and there. 5 star

Kepp up the good work but I think it would be better if the money you got from your colonies would continue to be collected without having to have the game open. Having said that it's a great game and hope y'all make another one like it. Perfect

What would be a good game for all the tower defence games fans is actually ruined by some easily corrected factors. 1)While it requires a lot of gold to progress at a certain point in the game, on the other hand you are not provided by equal amounts of gold as you progress. Gold won by battles remains at the same level. While gold won by kills should have a multiplier based on the wave, which is missing, the is no gold as a reward when you win the wave at all. 2)Colonies while required, produce too little gold. Gold needed in order to conquest is going up and up and gold produced remains the same.Again no reward when you conquer a colony and also you do not gain anything except exp at the battle. 3)Troops are not equally strong which is normal and yet they require equal amounts of gold to upgrade. 4)No unique range unit. Drop the spear throwers and add archers on the field. This game could be a lot of fun but i think is getting more and more frustrating as you progress. Worth a go!

Could be deeper than rock paper scissors. Ability to drag and drop units into legions would be nice. Better explanation of gameplay aspects such as unit sizes and icons on the world map. Highly Recommend.

Really fun game, I'm not sure how to be able to send out more than 2 groups of units if anyone knows how to that would be helpful wow lol

Pretty cool game. But gold pay out really needs to change, you get like 500 coins per way, and upgrades on solders cost 3400, doesn't make sense, lose interest because you can't keep up. Cool

Good plz do another game but make it about Egypt and with a larger scale. Also plz make it so that there is a way to send out more troops at a time maybe 2 to 3 Perfect!

The game is very fun to me, the graphics are good, the gamplay is great, and the controls are simple. The only think I dislike so far is the fact that you can only spaen so few units at a time. Not bad

Roman war + RPG + Tower Defence + Classic Graphics = 5 star Game :-) looking forwar for new updates to make it more awesome! Works great

Wanna gv 5 star but one major prblm if you aren't playing game, gold stop building. .. plz fix it.. gold should be continue to build according 2 time to even u are not playing Fabulous!

You need to make it so people can collect money while they are away. I can't leave my phone open so it will collect all day. If you changed that I would give it 5 stars.

Good time killer, just wish there were formations for the soldiers when they fight. Great game overall!

I personally really enjoy the game. It's easy to pick up and not that complex yet still enjoyable. The only complaint I have would be why can I upgrade everything and the kitchen sink but not how fast I can spawn units or the ability to spawn more at a time? We have numerous unit types but for the most part I use strictly the swordsman. The others get countered most waves and you can't spawn reinforcements fast enough to just throw counter at counter.

Amazing the game is highly addictive and it's really easy to get a hold of not to mention endless amount of fun, I absolutely love this game and I would say if you want a good game to play, right here. Fun, easy to play, and addictive.

I love this game because you're fighting for the Roman Empire and it's a constant battle. You don't have to wait hours or days to build stuff.

So far a fun game. Gave it a 3 though because of the ridiculous permissions requests. There is no reason a game should request permission to make phone calls!

Just rated for the free gold but anyway this game is suprising fun compared to other games but anyway, keep up the good work devs and keep up with the updates, will definitely play a lot more if online mode like guilds/clans, PvP, leaderboards to earn xp/gold were added. Maybe new units?

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