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Just average. Don't like how units can be developed. To few buildings, to simple gameplay. wow lol

It is a year time waster and it is awesome. Hope you enjoy the game is the best to play as the Rome empire Must have

Meh it's an ok game needs some work like showing stats on hero's before you purchase and what not Omg

ALL soldiers maxed out, same with the walls health an so on, what else is there to do? Seems pointless when everythings on max, very boring Recommend

A really nice game with a friendly atmosphere. Stacks well with increasing difficulty. Enjoy it!

Entertaining game, you need to watch some of the ads in order to get enough good though Fantastic

Simplistic and easy, very fun to play, yes there are ads that appear. But watching them gives you coins. I am more than happy to watch them for free coins. There are diamonds you can buy or earn 5 after every 10 waves. Perfect

This game is cool but I wish I could control the tower But still a nice game to play Fantastic

Great addicting game. No pay to play. Watch an ad once in a while. Great game, great revenue model. My kid likes it too. Fabulous!

Great game, though I think it could really use with more levels and upgrades. The amount of time to upgrade or level up is fine, but there needs to be a lot more to do or else people will hit a cap and stop playing. Double the waves at least, double the map size for both attack and defend. More level up options. Marvelous

Ads are beyond obnoxious for a game that's worth the dollar to remove them. Simple and fun but hidden behind a lazy collection of c-level mobile games. Great!

Build better stronger troops. It's a bit repetitive but good to past a few minutes away if ur board. Superb!

Very good game I'd like to see other types of people like Spartans or someone else too 5 star

Awesome game if your bored, easy to just play and not have to upgrade tons of stuff before you can start playing Go well

Very consuming game, I get into It and before I know it an hour has passed very fun and also strategic at the same time Muito bom!

I love this game it's so great the war and action and the people just attacking but you guys/girls should add a little village at the back and if you lose at defending the soilders come in taking people as prisoners. Fabulous!

Different from similar games. Worth a play for sure! Ads aren't bad at all, unlike some games. Fantastic

If you think this is Such a nice blowing mind game, your wrong. It's not remarkable, however is good to waste time. Superb!

Before the update was great played all the time updated I lost over 500k in funds hero level an stats on wall health archers towers n catapults so not happy with any more Perfect!

A very simple and lightweight tower defense game that could really benefit from more diversity in unit development and gameplay mechanics. Brilliant

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