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I like this game it was very addictive and the music of the game is suitable with the game perfectly the only thing to improve is when I exit the game the generation of gold get stopped please improve that overall I love the graphics game music very much Fabulous!

A fun and easy to play strategy game. A great mixture of wave based defense and all out attack. However the attacking portion could be improved. Marvelous

its good but i would like an offline colony gold collector for players that doesn't play for longer hours since the gold comes every minute. hope to that feature Enjoy it!

It is a good game and the good thing is that i can play it when im not at home because it doesnt use internet. Good

It's a very fun and addicting game. Definitely takes some grinding to get to higher troops levels but it's definitely fun. Just wow

For a free game this is exceptional, very addictive and did I mention free!! No in app purchases or anything Not bad

I love this game make one about Napoleonic and you are able to choose different countrys during the 17th century Brilliant

Thus is an awesome game it has good controls,some good grafics and its easy to play Muito bom!

There Needs to be a city you can upgrade as well but all in all it's a good game Perfect

The game is awesome, a good way to pass some time. It would be better if I had a bit more control over my troops. Instead of just running around fighting on their own like every other game out their. Allow me to, at least, control who goes where instead of it looking like a kids soccer game with everyone chasing the ball 5 star

Amazing game. Really hope you make a lot of updates as this game is really good. One of the updates should be going to the past and future like the Egyptian times and so on. A must download Surprisingly

Great wee game fun easy to play adds every now and then but i can live with that even some videos to watch for extra coins helps out a lot looking forward to see if more will be added in to the game thanks for a great game Recommend

Please fix the towns not giving money while the game is not running. Or make the towns viable. They are a huge waste right now. Game is very grindy after wave 250. Great game besides that and lots of potential. wow lol

Very fun so advitise when you know what your doing you c an plow through the game Works perfectly

Good time killer and quite fun. I want to upgrade my soldier so I just seem to keep fighting. Perfect!

Love this game! Very addictive and fun to play! This is a very good game to play to kill time! Great!

Very captivating game.make it more engaging by introducing castles and ships etc Cool

I think this game is super fun and I'm addicted but I think you should add a sandbox mode where players can mess around with every level of Walls units and make their waves as big as they want. Then when they have learned what they wanted to they just go back over to the campaign and play. If that was added then this game would truly be great. P.S. Who ever worked on the walls for this game is absolutely great at making them. Surprisingly

Interesting little game. It seems a close cousin to Grow Castle, but with less of a fantasy element, so if you liked that game, you'll like this. If you're looking for a game without any multilayer elements, you'll also enjoy this Fabulous!

It fuc*s......I played this game till 239 waves....but suddenly it stops.... Then I uninstalled it and again install it..... And I found my cloud storage was score had been deleted.. First I gave 5stars but after this problem occurred I gave 1star...I will give 5* if you fix this problem. Awesome

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