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Colony gold per minute does not accumulate when game is closed. Fix this and game would be really fun. Or give more gold per kill on higher waves. Go well

There is actually suppose to be a purchase gold and EXP button! Because It's very tough collecting gold and EXP, So please I want to purchase them! So please add a purchase gold and EXP button! PLEASE! Then I would Rate it FULL STARS!! Enjoy it!

The game is fine but if only you can cutsomize your will be great Can you add a Sandbox and Random button that randomizes all your units and enemy units.. Cool

Uhh gold doesn't collect when game is closed? This isn't supposed to be something I use ALL my time for, I want to be able to spend a bit of time, leave, come back and experience further and more for my commitment to return with the little time I have. Uninstalled waste of time this way Highly Recommend.

5 stars is not enough, I want to give 10stars. This is the only game I got addicted again. Different style of tower defense with the twist of RPG and strategy. More update and improvements please! Enjoy it!

Its pretty great! I wish the graphics for the soldiers were a little better. And also you only get gold from conquered citys when your on the game. Itd be cool if you got that gold when not on the game. I love the set up with defending your fortress and laying siege on others. But I wish the soldiers had more differences so you can have strategies. Also itd be cool if you could put them in formation (sorta like "epic battle simulator") BUT this is pretty much the only game ive found so far that has actual seige warfare. So thats cool :) Pretty much, if it had the same soldier diversity as Boom Beach, the same strategie capabilites as Epic Battle Simulater; Plus a few more kinds of siege weapon options; This would probably be my favourite game. I still have it on my phone cause im hopeful for updates. Cool

Changed my earlier review which was 4 stars, this is a good original game and proves itself far better than most games I've seen on the store. The units and upgrades flow almost too well and the progression is very well done. My only complaints being that the progression can be slow and require some grinding at times, also the ever persistent ads (although Skipable) constantly shows inferior games to this one. Perfect

Good game .conquering and expansion .graphics cud have been better.the main problem of game is gives us upgrade of 7 million and all u can earn is 100-200 gold from colonies and about 1.5 k will take ages to do reasonable. you got inspiration from 300 movie.....pitting 8 to 16 troops against a horde of 30.plz make changes for this game to be gud. Well done!!

Fix the problem where you don't get the passive gold from the villages while the game is closed and this will actually be quite good. Without it, as soon as you hit a certain point then getting gold is near impossible. Just wow

Great game, only thing keeping it from a 5 star rating is that colony gold isn't calculated while you're not in the game. It makes colonies inefficient and severely slows down the game in later levels. Great!

A pretty fun game. Quick and easy to to learn how to play. Good game to play on long road trips or if you have to kill some time. Superb!

Good time killer the outposts dont really build up gold when offline that would be nice in a update and there isn't much in the way of controls just hit this button for troops and this one for ballista thats it Good

Fun game, but does have a lot of ads. I also think that the waves attacking the capital thing could have a bit more depth to it. (Like a story behind it or something). Perfect!

27/06/2017 After reading the replay from developers, I've decided to give this game 4 ★, as a sort of encouragement for their team to work further on the game, and improve it in any way they can, making it even more fun and enjoyable than it's already is, and I really hope the next update will bring more balance to the game, and I will be able to come back to it, and once again have fun playing the game, but this time from start, to the end, and will not be stopped in mid-way. Goodluck to you developers, hopefully I will be able enjoy this game once again in the nearest future. 25/06/2017 - Sadly new update didn't fixed any issues this game has, the cities are still complete waste of coin, tower are useless against even most basic enemies, heroes are weak even if they are highly leveled. I'm sorry, the game was fun while it lasted, but now, there is no point for me to keep it, because I can't go any further it's no fun anymore, I have get rid of it for now, I will definitely keep an eye on it though, and will look up to future updates that hopefully will resolve all of those issues, mentioned by me before. 23/06/2017 - It's enjoyable, and really well made game, that you can surely have a lot of fun playing, but sadly, only at the start, I'm currently at wave 330, and it's impossible for me to progress any further no matter what I do, so the fun is over, and there is nothing else for me to do, the reason I rate it only 1 ★, it's because of the poor balancing of the game, that eventually leads to its premature end, and obviously leaves a lots of content not accessible for players, to explore. Pretty good

Well it's fun but can take it's time but all I think they need to do is add a couple of things and update how the AI works but that's it Marvelous

Shouldn't one's conquered villages generate revenue even while the game is off? Without that ongoing revenue, the point of increasing their production is lost, as the revenue is so slow during play that is pales in comparison to what you earn from defending your castle. Muito bom!

Very addictive game just wish could control troops more.only other issue is spending huge amounts of gold to receive hardly any back from settlements please fix.but awesome game Fabulous!

Great to pass the time and fast paced gameplay. upgrading is fast and effective. The adds will get annoying Amazing!

I love it, it was easy to learn, great old school concept, but I would like it better if it would evolve, like say you start in prehistoric time then after 20 waves or so, you go to midevil times Brilliant

One of the best mobile games I've played, as a hardcore PC gamer I have trouble being satisfied with the limitations of most games. This game is a brilliant mix of a classic base defence and the satisfaction of slowly conquering a nation. My only complaint is that it's easy to forget about upgrading certain parts of your army, if this can be fixed it will be easily my #1 mobile game. Cool

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