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An amazing game waste time and keeps mind busy and you get a lot of brain juices flowing playing this Recommend

Good game..enjoying it..need slight improvements but overall its a cool game to pass time. love it

Amazing game! Great job, controls are easy, graphics are good... the game is simply amazing. Omg

This game is fun I ever play in my life time I give it 5 stars keep making more games next year wow lol

This is brilliant game no ads and superb not like coc this game is better than that and offline as well Cool

I think it's​ awesome but I think it should have 2× more troops in a squad and I would rate 20 Fantastic

Need a a multiplayer and more strategic, geographic gameplay along with the administration of colonies/army etc Great!

Really fun game to play on your free time. Game play Normal wave attack but fun to progress in and see what's hidden as you progress. I like how you see the differences when upgrading your troop's. Required getting because why not :). Works great

Finally a game that can't be won by spending money on it. The downside is the amount of commercials. The developers are doing this quite well by allowing skipping of commercials but also giving rewards in in-game gold if you do watch them. Good integration with Google play games, can save your progress in the cloud and there are a lot of achievements to get. Just wow

Very fun and addictive. I like the gold structure a lot so far. You can progress quickly in the game without having too invest so much time. 5 stars Pretty good


The game runs smooth and good for those looking to pass time. The controls are very basic and is in no way a complex or competitive game. Introduce more upgrades more game modes like pvp or co-op Increase the percentage when upgrading so players can see there upgrade effects clearly. More soldier types wouldn't hurt either. Fabulous!

Bravo guyz!!! just love the game....its free....its has a vry gd game play and is fast paced.... awesome guyz....plz plz plz try to make this kinda games more in the need to work on the graphics too much....keep it simple but try to add some more features in building a dynasty or something like that....overall awesome awesome awesome!!!! Amazing!

Nice, but maybe make the earnings from the villages more in line with the investment. 50gold for 1 gold per minute is very bad Awesome

Nicely fleshed out leveling tree for units, zero base managing and hero units make it possible to build sizable standing armies for defending or attacking in the overworld. Great job

Lovely game. Adverts actually help you a lot with the money. Great future ahead for such a game. Upgrades are nice as well as soldiers. If you like game with attacks per wave then you probably found the best release of the year (blooms LTD is good too) Enjoy it!

Everything is ok the controls and game play but why is the grqphics so low? and why is the game so confusing ? I guess the tutorial should have explained much more about the game Worth it!

a very good game. loved it but if it had more troops behind the walls n formations for the troops it would be much more awesome Not bad

I did it for the extra gold... Lol but over all, really solid game. Easy game play with rpg style elements. Great to kill time with. My only complaint would be the gold per min counter doesn't continue to work after you close the app. Works perfectly

Fun game to play and have when your bored. Would like to have an easier way to level up your soldiers. Also would be cool if the conquered cities gave out gold when you're not playing Worth a go!

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