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Pretty good asked me to rate it on wave 20 or so. Haven't really gotten very far into it. Muito bom!

These game is one of the best game I have ever played I loved these game so much Just wow

The game is better than I expected but there needs to be more tutorials because I found it hard to understand what to do wow lol

Love these games but they are ALL multiplayer or have some sort of multiplay.. This is great and fun to play. Perfect

Love this game perfect for playin in short burst like while on brake or at work or before bed Pretty good

The controls fantastic the graphics of the best I would probably say this game probably out number well scratch that it's probably one of the best strategy games I've ever played Not bad

It's very fun I like how you can upgrade your soldiers and have very fun combat and try to add multiplayer and metal doors and stuff but other than that it's amazing wow lol

Rating 5 for the gold. But it's actually quite an enjoyable time waster. Decent graphics, easy to play and haven't experienced any bugs or crashes yet. Plus I love all things roman wow lol

Very fun and addictive EDIT: after the update many cities became much easier to conquer, however it is now downright impossible to capture cities of 101 and above. You don't even end up killing a quarter of their troops that they start with in the battle when you send your first two legions. Something needs to be done for some form of progression. Also I feel some type of pvp should be added in if at all possible, where you can make alliances with other players empires and attack other empires. Recommend

I love this game. I have played several games like this, but they aren't as good. Perfect

Its so addicting I been playing it for an hour and I didn't even know i was on wave 200 Awesome

Cool but need new troops like Archer's,we should have a mine and if we don't beat a rebel stag we don't keep the city and we should Battle each other Worth it!

Good game. Could use updates and features. (Mainly more ways to upgrade the towns you own. Like you can your home base.) Keep working on it boys and more money will come. Works great

Good fun, makes me laugh, and hold my breath (hoping I don't die)all within seconds of eAch other. wow lol

Good graphics, easy gameplay. Does not take long to upgrade or wait time. Very well thought out game Well done!!

I like it but I can't figure out how to get that second village that it shows in the graphic pictures Surprisingly

This is a pretty awesome time killer. Tower defense mixed with strategy while conquering the world in the palm of your hand. Good job on making a fun, simple, and addictive game! Not bad

Fun little time killer. The ads are annoying but they aren't too bad. Overall a pretty good game. Brilliant

Best strategy game It's a great time killer app and best strategy game, growing your empire is funny Good

Really its superb its increase our concentration more towards the game and really like this game... Fabulous!

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