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Changing my original review. I just didn't get far enough. It's a good game. I is an idle game but just barely. And it's pretty slow moving. I would add a way to grind hold or experience to speed it up a bit Great job

A very cool hold down the fort war strategy game. Easy to play making it fun to watch. And it will provide a little challenge if you don't think ahead. Great game Just wow

Roman war + RPG + Tower Defence + Classic Graphics = 5 star Game :-) looking forwar for new updates to make it more awesome! Must have

Not bad for what you pay for. It's alright free, but I'll never be a "pay to win" player. The game is amusing for a few minutes. Then it's just grinding. Great!

An absolutely fantastic time waster. My only suggestion would be an option of a horde mode of sorts wow lol

Amazing! I have been looking for an emoure strategy game for a long long time!! Now i have finally found it! Just keep updating it! I cant think of anything bad about the game! Awesome

Is a great game but ... the same add over and over again every 2 minutes ... is a little bit anoing Muito bom!

It's engaging and does involve a bit off strategy. Which I like. Besides that it's a time killer Highly Recommend.

This game is awsome i spent so long on this game it deffinatly waste the time! Great game! Well done!!

Annoyingly it does not always respect silent mode. A lot of the game mechanics is not explained, for instance that putting money into the wall will eventually increase number of ballistas. Worth it!

A good game, but so far been very easy to get through the waves by putting all my money into upgrading one thing. I'm hoping it'll get to the point where I've to change my tactics, other than that it still fun to play Fabulous!

Just perfectly made the only issue now is when you get to the cities of the Carthaginians are too powerful to beat even to crush rebellions they tank your hero's! Easily in 1v1 also the mercenaries are too weak to be useful I suggest more mercenaries or buff the current ones over good game until u reach the Carthaginians who are really overpowered somehow walk over my fully upgraded army with no sweat...not even possible to take 25% of the defenders Surprisingly

So far I am enjoying this game. The fact that I can play and upgrade without having to pay or have another player come destroy what I have built is something I have been wanting in a game. It is still a very simple game but quite an enjoyable time killer. 5 star

This game makes me feel I'm actually leading a proper army not some sarcastic magic army this game is so much fun Im playing this game for a long time Omg

Addictive game havent stopped playing it since i downloaded it, good everything and it gets challenging Perfect

Good rewards. Strategic on defense and level up allocations. Clever idea fit a game. love it

Its good but after update I lost making money in map...i have a nearly 65 levels done and getting 650 gold...before i had 10000 gold per h Pretty good

Game is ok but ruined by the quantity of ads, there is one almost every level. Very irritating. Flawless

Very fun i could say. No game have I met satisfy me except for this. Its over- satisfying!!! Recommend

Great game, love it, one of the best iv ever played, but it needs to make for you towns make you more cash. Great job

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