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This game is cool... But a sandbox mode would be... AWESOME... But each upgrade should take an energy and you get 10-20 energy... But other than that, the game is cool. Works perfectly

Its fine but I want 100000000 gold so I can not die all the time and upgrade my men Go well

Its a great pass time, but it could probably have a little more gold generation from outside villages. Highly Recommend.

I think the game is really cool but they just gotta fix the animations and i would love to see ragdolls in this game Fantastic

Very simple so I can play it during the short times I have available. I can't wait to develop the colonies. Worth a go!

I love this game, the controlls are really easy to use. And I'll the how fast past this game is Perfect

I want the ability to have all 4 Hero's on the ground defending my wall. As well, conquering enemies with a 110 or higher is near impossible. Pretty good

Great fun very adictive , easy to learn and play . Love this game hope they do one on egyptian army in future. Marvelous

I wish it had more soldiers to fight with or to fight to I mean the numbers of them are few but the game is quite good Brilliant

Brillian game, only thing I think would be better is a replay button so if the levels start getting hard you can grind on one for a while then continue when you're ready. Hope you add greece, germania and britannia soon A+++ Perfect

I like this game. It's simple and time killing. And I love Roman empire. But I also hate so much later army upgrades, because it turns nice little cute romans into fantasy illogical garbage with rectangle shields... Just a option to pick an older skin would do nice, but developers doesn't even reply... Fabulous!

It's an excellent to entertain yourself while waiting but moves slow. I wish there was another way to gain more coins without spending real money Great!

Overall the game is good fun to play with a good level up system but the game does have a flaw which I've noticed recently while playing - On some levels you will flat-out lose and get overrun so easily no matter what your armies strength is and then you will get an add pop-up (you'll notice a pattern if you play the game a lot) and it can be very annoying! My army is all maxed-out after defeating the rebels and the Gauls and past level 700 only to be overrun like my defenses aren't even there it's so easy for the AI. wow lol

It's cool all I can say is maybe after breaking through a wall u have to fight through the city it would be cool Brilliant

The cost to upgrade troops and the ability to make money eventually turn to impossible levels to keep up with the advancement of AI Troops during waves. Amazing!

It's a good and fun game but it could be better, I'm looking forward for new updates, in the future I hope the game will be better, it just has to be played a lot to achieve great rewards Fantastic

Too many ads. It ruins the flow of the game. Ads should only be an option for extra gold, not a 5-second skip after every round Pretty good

Good little defense game good graphics need a little bit more building up your city and some different types of troops but other than that good game Surprisingly

I'm not to far into the game go give a thorough review but it is a fun idle game. Ads are not to common and intrusive. The game is very casual idle strategy not to involved. 5 star

Good game but no need for much strategy to play. Could be better if supports building military formations and control over units. Not bad

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