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First impressions are: good game, it has some strategy in choosing you ability's and army troops, but it doesn't really change when you become better. What you see in the beginning is really the whole game. Go well

Granted they pay for a good rating but to be fair, it's well deserved. They game is incredibly addictive and the wave system is quite enjoyable. Controls are limited but the AI is smart enough to quell any concern. Overall a very good game. love it

The skin so good I can come fix the best game that you can ever do in Tower Defense accept that there's a small fake Works perfectly

To think, for one mild second, that you have come to someplace that no one knows. You are beyond the veil. Turn back now. Pretty good

I didn't think it would be that good at the start thought it would be like all the other games boring and not worth the time but it is completely the opposite I really really do like the game. Amazing!

Eh I'm not sure how long I'll be into it, but the last hour and 30min has been entertaining Surprisingly

Not a ton of depth so far, but that may change as I progress. I'll keep giving it a chance Worth it!

Very nice game for a free to play...a refreshing change from all the money grab games i have played. Thought i wouldnt like it but after 10 min of play i havent stopped...good job Amazing!

This game is top of the block because its a stratigic game and is great for influencing the knowledge of war. I think it needs one upate though, you need to control your own troop Sorry if this effects you developers of this game. Brilliant

Needs lots of balance changes. Such as colonies giving more gold and costing less to attack. War elephants too strong. Tower arrows do too little damage. Too many pop up video ads. wow lol

To many uncontrolled ads.. ads that we choose to watch is fine but after every battle an ad is excessive Not bad

i was invaded all enemy ...n generate 5k gold/minute n max upgrade all...what next? am i finished this game? Enjoy it!

I love this game. The only problem I have is that the colonies only pay out if u are online. It pretty much make them almost useless to upgrade. The only reason I can see for capturing the map is for the troops u gain. wow lol

Although I'm still early on in the game, it doesn't tell you everything, like how you apparently get heros. Also, I think that there are a few bugs and stuff like that in the game, and it doesn't teach you that much, but overall good game Not bad

This game is not the easiest to look at. Your characters, wearing red, are shown with health bars that are green even when they're almost empty. These characters are jumbled in a melee with enemy characters who wear green and who have red health bars. It's entirely confusing to try to keep track of whether you are winning or losing. Recommend

The game is not that bad, I thought it was like those other games but this one is just simple and I enjoy this one alot more Perfect!

Great game! Time flies when I'm playing this. Either can be seen as a good thing or bad thing. Cool

A different variation of the old tower defence games. Protect your Roman empire from the onslaught of enemy waves. Then attack the neighbouring towns to expand your empire. Marvelous

Only three things make it better online multiplayer, defense setup like the enemies, and note elephants are supposed to be afraid of fire Marvelous

Fun and very addicting game This game is very fun and since i love history makes me feel nostalgic Pretty good

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