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Good game. It is just like Game of Warriors with a few minor differences. And with most free games it has a barrage of ads. If you can tolerate the ads the game is fun. Brilliant

They should put in a cheat mode were you can make a new save for cheats and need more game things like quests and stuff Omg

Great game for burning time. Simple controls but enough strategy that you still feel you're contributing. Amazing!

It's a good games, only real issue is that there is no data on when certain things happen. As you upgrade your walls you will get more towers and more men per unit but there is not into on when this will happen. With there was a wiki or in game directory wow lol

Not to bad. But getting gold takes longer than it's supposed to. You should be able to not be in the app and still accrue gold. Should also add challenges to be able to get more gold. Even add some achievements so you can get better people Fabulous!

Meh.. All these games push you to rate before your even into the game enough to know if you love/hate it... Sigh... love it

Only thing I don't like is there's no save feature so when you get a new phone you gotta start over. Superb!

Good game.. The coin per colony should keep on increasing when the user is not actively playing. That ways, I'll be more inclined to return back to play. Or there should be a reward everytime a user returns to play. Omg

Tried using actual Roman war tactics. Didn't work though. Still it's a good game Fabulous!

Amazing game and way to kill time. Never any issues and always a smooth gaming experience. Great for all ages and any type off gammer to non gammer. Not bad

It was really fun and the graphics are pretty cool. I really like how you build up your empire, almost like Total War Superb!

I like building up forces and attacking but you could have done a lot more with this game one dislike I have conquered colony after colony but my gold does not increase outside the game I have to be logged on to this game for my colony to generate gold I don't like that other then that this game is okay Awesome

Starts good but plateaus - spent a long time earning gold, levelled up three soldiers, still couldn't conquer a single extra territory. Surprisingly

Fun for a free game. Ads arent poping up every 30 seconds either. Can play offline. Just download it love it

Its a bit addicting and good but I just wish money came in a little easier but other than a couple small things id say its pretty solid Go well

Fun time waster. character development and strategy combo. Casual game premium. Hope it doesn't plateau. Also I wish I could set formations. 5 star

I love anything dealing with Rome, especially games....And I like this game and the idea of this game. I just wish you had a little more control and it was a little more interactive. For a mobile game it's really fun and pretty cool. I mean I normally hate games made for phones and tablets, and I do actually enjoy this one. So that's something. And I love that it's actually completely free and that the ads aren't overwhelming and infuriating, like in most mobile games! So great overall, considering the platform....But would really LOVE IT, and be more likely to stay with it, if they would continue developing and upgrading and adding to it. Please do that devs! Thank you for the game though. Works perfectly

Great game. Ads detract from the experience. I wish there was a pay version without ads. wow lol

Its a fun game where I can just lay down on my bed and just get past all the waves and eventually invade. Great job

Fun addictive game that passes time graphics are a lil cartoonish but its fine with me game is wat they say it is Great!

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