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its a really good game but it takes a long time to get 5 gems it would be nice if you can add ads to get gems Just wow

A simple strategy game.even ads means winning something and you win gold even if you are offline. But..not to many maps. You should develop this game into research something,clan battles or something like that Great job

The ads that help you earn coins dont always work. It would make players more inclined to use them if they always worked. Not bad

So far I love the game. Its cool and quite addictive but I think the developers can do better Superb!

Not bad. Definitely entertaining. A little monotonous at times, but still fun. A great way to kill time. Highly Recommend.

Makes no sense, the enemy is in front of the gate and when you spawn a troop It opens. So the troop should walk in. Worth it!

Nice game, make more like it here and elsewhere. Great concept, but allow trade goods and unlimited expansions... So zoom further into the territories. Great job

Good time killer fun and addicting and you can play off line and it's not pay to win in my opinion it's worth getting Good

I really love how the gameplay itself is really smooth, it's straight forward and not having to go and do challenges just to play Works perfectly

Cool foood LOOM YOU can be a great day , I will not have the right place to start with . The objects in my head , I will not have the right place to start with . The objects in my head , I will give us your comments about this topic is not an option for a new job and a lot . Hopefully the same thing as well Muito bom!

Its a cool roman empire based strategy game. I love it. Gonna play it for a fat minute. Perfect!

Fun little game to pass the time without too much complexity. And it's based around Caesar, I can't complain 5 star

I saved up for the Iberian horsemen but I got the Iberian spear throweres for some reason... good game but that was annoying...please fix Amazing!

Ever seen Troy? Soldiers should stay in cover with their that is stay in front(This is defending) ..NOT get stuck behind them... that'd b... the fall of the Roman empire! Quo Vadis? Muito bom!

To many ads honestly I'd pay a few dollars just to get rid of them completely. Otherwise it would have been a 5 star....EDIT: ability to get ads removed has changed my rating to 5 star game is 100x better when you can play it and not just watch ads Must have

Holds my interest long enough for a few attacks at a time. Not overly advert ridden Good

It's nice though I kinda want more troops and another training bar.The bar which tells you when you can train more troops.Thats all thanks. Flawless

This game is a lot of fun it's hard for me to stay focused on one game but this one keeps my attention great job Worth it!

good upgrade the effects and graphics pls and also add a mode the will let you attack other players base Perfect!

Canned, easy gameplay just upgrade and spam swordsmen Made it to level 200 then quit of bordem Pretty good

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