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Great but has phony backup. I have the Grocery Ninja master app. Great App. One major flaw that gave me a huge headache. I input loads of data into it. Recently my phone crashed and needed a reset. I re-installed this app, but discovered that the backup is a piece of fiction. It goes through the motions and tells you that it's backed up, but really there is no backup!. I can't give it the 5 stars it would otherwise deserve. Lost a lot of data and time restoring it. So I'll give it 3 out of 5.

Shop till you drop! The best app for grocery shopping! Fast, easy, very organized and easy to use. Customizable Isle's let's you lay out your store the way you shop it and in the order in which you shop it. Price & quantity tracking is over the top and helps you stay on budget and let's you track prices from one store to the next! Not having backup issues currently on my S4. I use backup pro and drop my important files to Gmail for easy access at any time. Worth it!

Great! As long as you do your part to input your store info correctly, this app will truly be a time saver.

Valemon I love what this app is "trying" to do and I appreciate all the work the developer has put into it, but I am SO tired of having to re-enter ALL of my store data because the app's "restore" feature DOES NOT WORK. I have had horrible luck w/my Droid 3 phone and have had to get 3 "like new" replacements and now have the Droid 4. I made sure I backed up to the SD card every time yet only ONE of the THREE times I tried the RESTORE feature, was it successful. I wash my hands of this app because I can't tell you have VERY aggravating it is having to REDO all the work over and over again. I paid for this, but I am done with it and I am off to find an app that will back up via SYNC w/Google. Recommend

Finally!!! I love the Grocery Ninja because it's so simple and has no product pushing agenda. The Master is even better because there are no more ads and the list Index makes it way faster (than scrolling through hundreds of items) to find the items you need. With the new database backup I was able to easily transfer all my stores, aisles and lists. Oh yeah, the sounds are fun too. Hi-yah!

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