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Good app, needs more items in barcode database It's a good, flexible app that we use on both of our phones. It syncs across our phones quickly and we never seem to have issues with our phones not being synced. Our only complaint is the database it uses when scanning barcodes doesn't have many of the items we buy regularly, but it does seem they are adding things to that database. Overall we like the app & use it regularly. We recommend it. Surprisingly

One of the best grocery list managers! I have used other list managers but this one is the best for me. I like that each product has its own photo (it's easier to recognize the product you are shopping for at a glance). It's not perfect tho, sometimes the scanner takes too long to recognize the barcode even when it's in perfect focus and as flat as possible. Which is a bit of an annoyance when you are shopping. Go well

Love many features, hoping for more It would be nice if meal planning including recipes from other websites was available. Right now I also use Big Oven. Would also like a browser version since it's easier to meal plan when first typing a recipe. Works great

Awesome One little thing I would like to see solved/improved though is adding multiple bar codes to the same item. I am kind of a power user and I like to customise many things to fit my flow. I've found that I buy different brands of things like eggs regularly so I would end up with 2 or 3 different kinds of eggs in my pantry list when all I want to see is I'm out of eggs not which ones. So I've since made a generic egg item, I just wish I could save all the different bar codes for the eggs I buy to that one item. Must have

No web version :-( I would really appreciate a web version of the app i could use on my PC. Also, from the description it's not clear what's the list of pro features? Well done!!

Mother of 5 & not much time This makes it so much easier. Helps with Mommy brain because who doesn't forget something when kids are fighting while shopping. :-) 5 star

Best Shopping List App thus far I used myShopi until they got rid of their image search and switched to this one. I'm glad because in terms of functionality, it's so much better! For example, you can enter a store location per list and it syncs store hours. There are a lot of things you can do with this app (like track pantry stock, etc) which may be why many reviews found it hard to figure out. (I didn't.) Also, downside, had to purchase app to get most of functions like image search. Was more expensive than most app purchases too. Omg

Great app! I used Out of Milk for years, but wasn't happy with the last upgrade. I found this one and love it! Light years ahead of any other!

Covers all the bases ... and does it brilliantly Pretty much the perfect shopping list app to me. Lists are easy to create, with editable Categories to make grouping/finding things easy. Items & Categories can be easily added, edited or deleted. Other features like Loyalty Card mgt., Shop details (location, details, hours etc) Recipe and Larder Mgt ... Well it's feature rich!! Plus as an ex programmer, this app is excellently designed & built. V. user friendly. Limited to 3 lists in free app but this app really deserves to be paid for!!

Great app! It's a very good app with so many features I'm looking for so I went ahead and purchased within the app but it still shows I need to buy the paid version in the play store, so I can only review here. If you don't want your Google account on someone else's device, you'll have to buy it for each device to sync - but it is well worth it! Update: after the last update it won't sync with server.

Love this grocery app It took a bit of figuring out, but now that I have figured it out it is so easy to use and best app. Even the free app is better than the paid version of the other shopping app I have and no longer use because of the updates that messed everything up. If I could give this app more than 5 stars I would. Only wish is that they add a to do list that would be great

Good app This is a good substitute for those wanting to ditch that other grocery app that recently had a terrible update. I've been using this one for a few weeks. It took some time to learn how to use it, but I love it. Thanks for a great functioning app.

Really like this app! Great so far. Could recognize more items from scanning barcodes. Also, when removing item from grocery list, take me back to that location on the list, not the top of the list. Then I have to scroll down and find where I left off. Still learning, but liking a lot.

Great app A little complicated. But after using it for a while I got the hang of it. It also comes preloaded with a lot of items in the list, which is good and bad. A lot of the items are really obscure ethnic spices or things you wouldn't buy at a grocery store (microwave oven?) You'll have to spend some time customizing your lists.

The best, but don't buy it. I've searched for a few years trying to find the perfect grocery app, and this is it. I love it so much I paid for the upgrade, and I never do that. when I changed phones the app cancelled on me, and my subscription went away. So I'm definitely not paying for it again and it's kind of a rip off if you ask me. Beware

Excellent This app is surprisingly fun to use! I have not finished loading all my stock items, but there is only a tiny percentage of what I have scanned that it did not recognize..the rest I can easily enter and save myself. Thank you so much for this wonderful tool!!

No way to delete list Never even got a chance to use it due to not being able to delete an unwanted shopping list. love it

Efficient and to the point! Love the customized Google pics option with the upgrade. Makes my shopping fast and easy, no nonsense. wow lol

Solid, great features So far my experience with this app has been wonderful. Slight learning curve, but very easily surpassed if you're tech savvy. A bit pricey for the full version, but worth it so far. Thank you so much.

Grocery King Great full-featured grocery list maker. The recipe feature sets it apart from the crowd.

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