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Overall this app is pretty decent but there are many features that could be added to improve it. I've used it for a few years and over time the memory requirements have gotten huge and made it terribly slow on my old phone. It would be nice if somehow this was corrected. Thankfully it works fine on my new faster phone. I can't explain why they make some of their changes. The Explore section seems of limited value and should be the last page that you see. The most recent version took away the ability to switch sections by swiping left to right which slows down the user experience. The fact that you lose all your chats when you get a new phone is horrible. It would also be nice if the chats didn't disappear automatically after a certain amount of time. You end up totally forgetting why you were interested in someone and details like a phone number. Great!

Get rid of the adds they are annoying. I want to see guys not ads for Groupon and other ads. Highly Recommend.

It is not turning the screen off after putting the phone down. It is ignoring the screen dimming of OS Recommend

Thanks for this we love it so much but it's needs to upgrade like wattsApp it is crushing and slowing many times .may be you and add software. And I'd you can help us to backup our chat history that is going to be very good .we normally lost everything our chats which not good. And it need more software to make it speed. Thanks 5 star

Would love to see my blocked contacts all together and decide to unblock them individually. And I know you guys need subscriptions to get by but comon give the free user more space when talking about features! Just wow

Ok, I'm tired of this. You guys need to fix these bugs. I never get any notifications. The app is constantly saying "disconnected" when my phone clearly has service and can run applications that require data. As of right now Grindr won't connect at all. It's very frustrating, especially when I'm in the middle of talking to someone. Please, do something about this Omg

New update just messed up everything. It takes forever to load the messages and picture. Ugh. This used to be a good app. Not the users inside in my area tho but please do fix this. Good

Grindr connection in second space of MIUI9 is really bad. For example the connection speed is 300kbps, when i open grindr in second space the connection become 0,2 to 5 kbps. Some of the mssgs marked failed to send, but the receiver received the mssg. While when i open another site or apps they have no problem with the connection speed. And also this is never happen in first space of MIUI9. The connection went really well in 1st space. Can u fix this? I use mi note 2, nougat, with MIUI9. Thanks!! Works perfectly

How about instead of adding new features... they fix the issues. Like connectivity and location. I tell all my friends to avoid this app like the plague. P.O.S. Flawless

Nothing is ever done when I make reports for impersonation! So many users are using other people's photos (my own partner included) and scammers trying to rob people of their money. How many times must I repeatively report these same people for any action to be taken upon them!? Surely there is a better way to identify and report these people.. this goes against everything Grindr promises their customers. Works perfectly

Be careful when hooking up. I made the mistake and was put in a bad situation if it wasn't for the fact I learn to handle myself from at a young age it could have been bad. Not bad

Im having trouble using my grindr as it want load or refresh yet im connected to wifi Omg

Please stop serving video ads on my data connection. I understand the need for income... Maybe interstitials unless I'm on wifi? Surprisingly

Just upgraded to Samsung S9+... Scrolling feature (on profile list page) lags extremely badly after second day of use...both on wi-fi and mobile connection.....very frustrating.... Worth it!

The first i installed this app was alright and work,, but when i update the app when i open it the loading was not working and they say unable to refresg and no one is online only me,, pls fix this, Thank you.. Just wow

The app is good but the messages was gone when you log in other device using forgot password. Only left was new messages.its hard to track friends and old messges when log in to new device. Also it must be easy to log to other device using same account, esp here in ph where we have multiple device. Hopefully you can fix the lost messages it should be there even i shift device. Kindly fix your app Enjoy it!

Had my credit card charge d for pressing a free trial button for a week of updated service, never got it, and for the life of me, why wasn't i informed I was gonna be charged, and for the love of God, where's there a admin type or the customer support/help button? Not bad

Stop having unexpected ads with sound... Its embarrassing when being in the train and an add starts playing in full volume Enjoy it!

The new update dont show me anyone close to me its always 1km or more away whats going on there Worth it!

So it's been a few years and most problems have been addressed. Thanks for that. It still drains my battery a damn heap Great job

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