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The app is ok. However, the problem I'm having is no matter how I take a photo of myself to upload, the image will always be rotated for some bizarre reason. I even rotate the image before uploading hoping this will fix it. Also, only one image at a time? Why. I guess it's because I haven't upgraded. I hope the next update will fix this. Recommend

The limitations for free users are too harsh. Also sometimes I need to restart the app because it never finishes reloading the list of guys - it just keeps spinning. Moreover, I may sometimes need to tap the same guy twice in order to see his profile despite the visual feedback that I did tap him properly. Flawless

Ads that pop up that have a white background and are hard to close because the "X" is also white color. And with latest update my app doesn't refresh. Well done!!

Somehow over the last month or so adds have started completely ruining the experience, you click on a profile and have to wait 15/30 seconds for an add to play, I hate adds to I just close the application and reopen it, saves more time, this is becoming incredibly annoying. Messages don't always send straight away and sometimes slow... Please get rid of the ads and just have the add bar at the bottom... Great job

App keeps crashing, Android OS 7.0 latest patches and updates. Grindr version 3.17.0. Works perfectly

Shows a lot of people that aren't even online. Way too many spam bots, trying to get you to go to other hookup sites. Omg

Suggestion. Should add an option to where you can choose to see only top guys or bottom guys overall love the app though Go well

I have not been able to encounter any issues with the app, except for adds which is minimal (and pretty normal for sure). Locates guys nearby. I've been enjoying it ever since. One of the best gay dating app so far. Won't last a day without single message - which rarely happen on other apps. Kudos Grindr! Recommend

It would be better without those adds when we try to open someone else's profile. Now everything is about adds. Its annoying. Please eliminate that. Thanks Pretty good

In principle a good app but it seems to have got very buggy with age. I suspect the developers have compromised quality over their need to make a buck to sustain it and that the adverts are causing crashes etc.. I wonder if a one off payment at download might provide the revenue required and enable the developers to ditch the ads and thereby allow the app to run more fluidly. 5 star

Are you trying to make us pay for it so hard that now we have to watch 15 sec ad before seeing a profile? Well, it's fine by me but make it at least silent by default. wow lol

The amount of ads are getting ridiculous and it seems to only be getting worse. Having to watch a 15 second ad every 5 clicks just to view a profile is being just flat out greedy and if it stays like this much longer, im giving up and uninstalling it. No other app i use forces users to watch so many ads. Muito bom!

Grindr is the only app that doesn't allow your phone's screen to turn off while on the Grindr app. I fell off to sleep many times with Grindr open and my battery would drain. I even sometimes forget Grindr open on my phone in my pocket and the battery would drain because the screen doesnt switch off/ time out if you on grindr. Please can you look into fixing this. I'm an android user. Update : okay i found the setting on Grindr settings haha :) Awesome

Enjoying all the new updates! If you guys could throw in a picture rotate option next that be awesome! love it

Now to much adverrising. And not enough function and things to do. Scruff is so much better. Worth a go!

Lots of scam artists cropping up. Guys telling you that they want to meet but for their protection you have to sign up to a website and put in your credit card details to verify your age. They insist it's legit and free, but you cannot select South Africa as a country, but rather Taiwan, and you have to do it because they almost got killed last time they met someone. Well done!!

I get that they need to have ads but the new ones are AWFUL! As soon as you open the app im annoyed with the "looking" promo. Then when you click on any profile I have to watch a 15-30 second video. Guess what, deleting the app... 5 star

Recently there's been proliferation of so many ads that pop up anywhere, anytime that did not occur before. This is becoming VERY annoying. Awesome

the passed few years grinder has gone down hill. I get suspended all the time for no reason. And I can't even log into this account. Can someone tell where to go to get my account turned on? Surprisingly

Since late September app has been freezing when I have it open, the unskipable pop up ads are annoying, and to many bots that send you spam Perfect!

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