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It's better than a lot of similar apps... But lately there's been an overwhelming number of spam messages. Several times a day I receive a picture message from an unnamed account with no cover photo. The publisher really needs to update to cut down on this. In response to this review, they sent me a message asking me to document the problem through their user feedback portal, but when I visited that website I found that dozens or hundreds of other users have been complaining about the problem for months. Stop asking for more feedback and just fix the problem. Just wow

It's best app I found my love through this big thanks but now it's not working showing errors plzz fix this problem Cool

Why is it I can't view or visit a profile of someone? It started after updating the app Recommend

Its an okay app for what it is. I do like the update that added more gender/pronoun options for the queers that fall outside of the binary. However there are WAY TOO MANY bot and spam messages. I never fail to get 3+ messages a day from spammers or bots. Fix that and most people would be much happier. Marvelous

Actually i forgot my id and password...for new account it was asking so many attempts..that was annoying me.give me a solution Recommend

I'm thankful for how far we have come as a community, and the blessings to be able to communicate,relate,have something /app just for US. I see the proof pro!God does hear and answers to the justly to the righteous...Rise Up! I don't mind staying on my Grind.... R Fantastic

i hv problem , where's i can't review profile and ect . this happen after i updated this app Awesome

New account open too much trouble bcoz asking some difficult attempts I don't know how can I answer it plz help me Enjoy it!

While I appreciate the new features that have been introduced, I think the bugs with the messaging system that have been in the app for months need to be addressed. I'll send somebody a message, and it will appear to have failed to send. However, the other person will reply to the message, indicating that they've received it. My guess is that there's something wrong in the way the app determines whether a message has been sent successfully. This happens in no fewer than 10% of the messages I send, which is incredibly frustrating. I love Grindr; I've been using it for years now and will happily give it five stars the second the app is updated to solve this problem. Awesome

When ever I click out of ny messages, the screen goes all the way back up to my most recent message. Flawless

Enjoyed the app. Been using it for about 7 years. But yesterday out of nowhere I was banned for no reason. And cant get an answer as to why Works perfectly

Nice app but ....Always slow working .....location problem.......Please add heads up notification....voice and vedio coll features.... Awesome

the connectivity with grinder broke down for almost 30 minutes.. there should be a page where we can post the problems about for example connectivity or sth else.. i would say please do more focus on connection because this issue is visible.. Great!

This app I've have a love / hate thing for a long time. It has finally improved some. I hate blank and no face especially. Not fair to the ones who put themselves out there! This app finally has the potential to be a top liked app but falls behind still for many years. It is a top 5 app in my view and should learn from the apps which are better rated. Pretty good

I hate not being able to log back in over the stupid credentials changed prompt. Don't waste your time with this Flawless

I like that there's a variety of guys and there's never a shortage of people to meet but there's more creepers here than usual. And also how down to earth it can be. But I've RARELY met a guy here who actually wants to date...The majority here are just for hook-ups. It used to be better but the EXPLOSION of advertisements has decreased my favor for this app over the others. Some is fine but there's just too many! And worst of all, is that the apps use of my data because they're mostly videos! Must have

I've been using this app since 3 years its not as good it used to be so many reasons why like fake accounts people used my images its stupid also should have a age limit because have to many old people messaging me and also the app itself also don't upload my profile pic! Im not pissed of or anything be good to make a new app fpr people who is 40+ But its not my opinion but thank you for reading my review x :) Also the app has approved some good features cannot deny that but i give it 3 stars to be far Perfect

I know Google and Android watch us and Facebook.. but its ok.. cause I don't do anything I shouldnt... just hope there can be more privacy later... like come and get some Google guys why just watch.. come join in!!! Enjoy it!

Nice app but it should keep chat history even after unstalled , and provide it when we installed it again. My lots of had to face this issue, they lost there chat history Brilliant

The limitations for free users are too harsh. Also sometimes I need to restart the app because it never finishes reloading the list of guys - it just keeps spinning. Moreover, I may sometimes need to tap the same guy twice in order to see his profile despite the visual feedback that I did tap him properly. LE: The reloading bug happens if I launch the app while having location detection turned off. It will ask me to enable it, and after I agree, the reloading bugs out; manually reloading by pulling down doesn't work. Closing the app, removing it from recent apps and relaunching works as a quick fix. On a Huawei Mate 9. It's a new, unrooted device. Just wow

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