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It's fun, but most of my time on the app is spent retrying to send messages. I frequently even get responses to messages that say they've failed! Perfect!

I have no idea why it constantly tells me my messages aren't going thru and then you would see people responding to the red boxed text... And then you are in constant wonder whether it's technical or people not responding... awful love it

You guys have become too money hungry. It's stupid to have so many walls up to communicate with people who barely uses the app. Works great

So many ads the simple ad on. Bottom was enough for me. You guys get paid for getting pro members no? Why do you need to flush the app with ads. Also can't out 420 friendly in deception yet one of your built. In emoji is a watch with 420 on it hahaha? Awesome

App is ok but everytime you change phone or delete the app but not your account. You loose all your info and messages. Other apps seems to be able to allow you to retain your information....Now as part of an update constantly bombarded with adverts. Good

Its ok app if you pay for it but alot allot of time wasters and fakes ruin it for people who are actually looking for genuine people Must have

I wish I would get notified when someone responds to a message and it sucks that to meet more people you have to pay Worth a go!

Htc u ultra, nice app, however it no longer opens on my sky Wi-Fi I keep having to use my mobile data. Also add more emojis Works great

I think there should be video call button so der ll not be a quick need to rush to WhatsApp wen d chat become interesting 5 star

I like it more than other "hook-up apps but its never gives a notification when I recieve a message. Please change This. Good

Grindr needs to stop trying to make money off of its users and allow us to see more guys that are on the app if that happens I'll change my review to 5 stars Surprisingly

I get laid a lot. I am not totally handsome, yet I get a lot of guys that want to tare me up. Enjoy it!

While it's definitely not a great app, it's got the most users. The number of people you can interact with is more important for this kind of app than the user interface (which as others have said is poor) Marvelous

Like all "hook up" apps, it's unfair to blame the outcome of your efforts on the app. The majority of the people on this app have a problem with honesty, and is littered with dudes addicted to meth. Many lie about their HIV status. DANGEROUS! Great job

I would have given at least four, maybe five stars to the app, but I have found myself unable to update my profile, after switching to a blackberry Keyone. I really hope it gets solved! Omg

With ads that are from the users country for starters and lose the american ads for not US users. Unlimited blocks for all users free or paid would be good. Overall still the best app for hookups or finding relationships Just wow

What's up with the ads? I came on here to meet guys, not check out ads. Every other guy I click on there is an ad. I'll probably remove the app soon. love it

Great app if you're gay! Tons of nice guys looking to have a good time! I recommend this app as the first stop meet up app for all gay and bisexual men! The ads can be a little annoying but honestly it isn't really even a problem. Fantastic

From a design standpoint it's a pretty well built app. Gives you send/ recieve on pics, an easy interface to use, and history of you messages. Sometimes stability is an issue but that's like most apps depending on device and usage. They do have some pop up ads after 5 or so profile views. This is the free version I have not purchased a subscription. This is also a review of the app not my experience meeting people... that is a whole different review. The app is good for those looking for short term connections and on rare occasions you may find a little more, but less likely. Just wow

Love this app just wish that when you send a message that it doesn't go red so often and say message failed to send when in fact the message actually was sent . Please fix! Flawless

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