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Hi I've been using this for quite a while now but with this latest update pictures don't seem to load the full image when you click on the thumbnail when someone is trying to direct message you. This can be very frustrating please fix in the next update Go well

The only thing I don't like about this app is the new feature for when someone can look up other people's locations, I find it very creepy. Must have

Good concept. However, you should add a feature which allows the user to remove people from the list, so to make space for new ones. Secondly, I don't receive any notification about new messages until I open the app. This makes communication a bit ineffective. Fabulous!

Good gay social/chat/date/hookup app. Just wish they added push notifications and more profile views or at least unlimited deletions and favorites. What is the point of adding the "discover" feature if it's solely for paid subscribers? It's a waste of space Flawless

I used to think Grindr was a really cool app, though the plague of ads has gotten insufferable. At the VERY least, can you please NOT have the ads blast noise uncontrollably, it's inconvenient and the polar opposite of discretion wow lol

90% of my sent messages are marked as not sent. Sometimes the recipients respond so i never know when my messages are actually going through and often have to resend them multiple times to be sure they went through. Flawless

I love the new update where in you can pin the location to a specific place you want to check or see the nearby. Kudos! Fabulous!

Location search is useless. Drop pin where you live and it shows guys over 30km away first. You have to scroll through too many distant guys to see local ones. No confidence in this new feature. See Scruff for how it should work. Well done!!

I love the app but push notifications when you get messages or taps would be nice!! I do hate how you can see that someone's offline until 10 minutes after writing them, it should show almost immediately if they get off, please fix this probably the most irritating thing about the app Pretty good

U should load more guy there should be free subscription I think people are more interested in blued app nowadays as thy provide video call facilities and this app is becoming flop nowday So if u wanaa ur customers to use this app give them more service Works great

I like the app and what it offers. Many people use it, so lots of people to chat to. Got 2 issues 1) would like to see a block list 2) Lock screen notification has an issue. It tells me I have twice the messages that I actually got Update Feb 2018 Both issues above still unsolved. Like the explore feature, but unable to change destination. Have to restart app to do that Good

Hello to the Grindr Development Team. I'd say its a pretty good app, but after uninstalling, reinstalling, and launching it, my phone practically crashes and restarts. Everytime. Would it be possible for you to fix this please? Brilliant

It won't let me register. Keeps telling me to enter a valid email address and password. I don't understand, my email works for everything else. Just wow

It's an ok App, better than Tinder or Badoo, but it's ok... i told a friend about it, she thinks ye should have an App similar for Girls, as she's gay Perfect!

Its not working. Otherwise usually a good app. Easiest to meet people on this one. Works perfectly

Possibly one of the best gay dating/hookup app that I have ever come across. I like how it allows you to message anyone you would like. Unlike others that require a match in order to connect. It would be 5 stars if they allowed you to rotate pics. 5 star

App is ok, although too many ads. Attempted to upload a new picture various times. It'll say approved but won't change the profile picture Great!

The msg is not going out there easily and it disappointed a lot. The saved msg is not even showing their... Amazing!

OK how do we spread awareness about infected ppl we come across or thief's in this site .need someone from grinder to contact me to discuss on this issues it's serious Highly Recommend.

Why won't it let me make a new account? It is asking for my credentials. I can't very well do that when I don't have an account. Thank you Grindr! Fantastic

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