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Really bad spam There are these profiles that are obviously fake. They send you 526 messages a day, trying to get you to respond so they can send you their website. It's completely fake and it's very obvious so I don't know who falls for it but it annoys the heck out of me.

Good app, lots of glitches I love the app a lot, but there are glitches everywhere. I don't get messages sometimes, and I'll have people asking me whether or not I received them. I also don't get notifications that people are messaging me, so it's hard to reply in a timely manner. The app actually makes me feel kinda anxious sometimes. I also can't see people's pictures initially, so I'll go to ask them for a face picture, only for them to say that it's already up and I look like an idiot. Just fix the problems and I'll be good

Meet new friends or someone new Grinder is the place to be. Fantastic

Awsome way to make friends. Perfect

This program works very for meeting other gay an bisexual men. Worth it!

The latest being fake profile /spammers that hijack the app. Worthless

as said garbage app and really bad customer service. Unacceptable

Pictures... If they load How hard is it to load a picture, a profile picture at that. Not big on looking at icons or restarting my phone just to see a single picture.. Recommend to take Grindr - Gay, bi & curious guy APK

Not working I've just updated the app & it won't go past the loading page with the yellow background & the logo. It was also this way prior to the update....used the app yesterday without any problems

Not bad Overal not a bad app but it has a tendancy to keep saying im disconected wich is rather annoying

Used to be so much better How can they, in their attempt to improve a mediocre app, actually make it worse?

:( Hate this app now. I can't see pictures inside messages, and I always get messages days later. Today I got 50 messages all at once from different guys. Recommend to take Grindr - Gay, bi & curious guy APK

Can't connect since update Very buggy, but no longer unusable until this update. No other dating app has more gay guys.

NO Copy&paste Why isn't it possible to copy&paste text on this app anymore? I can't copy txt into a translator when talking to a gay in a foreign language. So frustrating!

Ads ads and more ads How much money does the guy need? I thought he just wanted to help gay guys connect with other gay guys in their community. Ok.

Come on guys!! Lack of message notifications,and multiple picture options. I always seem to get sidetracked and forget about the app often. Not worth an XTRA subscription!

Endless restarts Pretty decent now that its working again. Has problems sometimes reading my gps coordinates and will not update the user list. Force closing and using a different app that uses gps before re-opening grindr usually fixes the problem.

Notifications I paid for extra and if I'm lucky enough to get a notification they won't stay in my notification drawer. All it does is make a sound, but if I'm not around my phone to hear the sound I will have no idea that I got a notification. Please fix and I'll give 5 stars.

Notifications! New messages are not notified automatically. It's very annoying the need to open the app frequently to verify if there's something new.. Recommend to take Grindr - Gay, bi & curious guy APK.

Working a lot better then it used to! Things seem to be progressing for this app well. Still some random oddities, but hey that makes it fun. Would be five stars if the notifications worked better. (Or at all.)

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