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While it's definitely not a great app, it's got the most users. The number of people you can interact with is more important for this kind of app than the user interface (which as others have said is poor). Grindr, you can ask for feedback all you want, but the evidence is here in the reviews: FEWER ADS. Adding taps and more fields to fill in for your profile are all very well, but ads are the greatest burden on the modern app experience, not the imposition of rigid binaries and identities. Grindr used to manage with fewer ads, and other apps manage with fewer. I don't care enough to email you feedback about the app interface, you'd have to pay me (or at least give me fewer ads, eh Cool

This app has some issues. It takes a minute for the notifications to go through. It doesn't show right away when the person goes offline. But... The biggest complaint of all, still no push notifications.... If you guys put this on, I will give it 5 stars. Fabulous!

So mny gay that i found using this app.... But no one have a fntasy like me.... But its still a great app for me... Muito bom!

It's good dating app but have so much of technical issues. Many of the times it's get dicoonected. .and takes time to load.. Works perfectly

The app is good but the messages was one when you log in other device using forgot password. Only left was new messages.its hard to track friends and old messges when log in to new device. Also it must be easy to log to other device using same account, esp here in ph where we have multiple device. Hopefully you can fix the lost messages it should be there even i shift device. Kindly fix your app Marvelous

Umh, hey just wondering... My account got banned and I also want to delete my profile. Do you have anyway to do that? Wonderful app, hope it keeps growing and keep up the good work! Go well

Generally okay. Lately there have been over-the-top intrusive ads, and tons of spam bots. The UI is clean, but the system lags a lot and if there's an update, you'll likely need to reinstall (losing all your messages). Not bad

The app has progressively become very glitchy. Chat and photos often have to be resent and become a nuisance. Extremely annoying considering I pay for extra. Please fix! Just wow

Nice app. One suggestion in message. If I block some profiles, if I want to see those again, there is no possibility. You can block those profiles for msg only . We can see our chat history. But no more messages. Try this grindr team. Thank you. Just wow

Well the app was working better than usual for a while there, I had no issues for a few months, but your latest update has caused it to crash anytime I switch to another app. Marvelous

My previous problems were fixed. Most importantly it needs the option of push notifications, we shouldn't have to open the app every five minutes to see if there's a text waiting. Fantastic

This app you can now search for location but you can only contact if you are a pro member. A shame! Would be nice to be able who looked at your profile. I hate the tap function Great job

The app does its job of connecting you with nearby ppl. But the explore feature should let you communicate with ppl in the other city. You could set up dates for cities you are visiting in the future. I'm heading to Ireland and wanted to start talking to some locals and couldn't. Kind of annoying to dangle candy in front of ppl is all im saying. Superb!

The app it's self is really good, however ads are starting to get out of control, I understand that they need to make money but forcing me to watch a 15-25 second ad is obnoxious especially when you are trying to pull up your own account, also notification on this app is still not working. And would love if you could link accts or add some feature for couples. Brilliant

It needs a way to backup and restore from SD card and transfer messages to new phone. With how often I upgrade my phone, it's a shame I lose my messages. Omg

I've tried to upgrade 3Xs now, and they still haven't fixed the simplest thing. Now I have to request a refund for a 3rd time. After 5 years they just don't deliver what the promise, probably because they don't know how - or don't care. Marvelous

The only thing I would crtisise is that I can't receive notifications anymore I wish you would bring that back as people think I'm ignoring them and I'm actually having to ask people to message me on different apps just so I can see that they've message me and that's destroys this apps purpose really so if you could bring that back that would be great Just wow

This is a great app to find almost anything. New updates are glitchy, I'm getting shutdown app and restart app all the time. Would like to see more free options or cheaper cost for the upgrade, pricing just isn't worth the upgrades. Perfect

It's a pretty good app for connecting guys around me. And some new updates have been adding stars to its use like tapping explore and mood features. The only reason which I seem is lagging is due to absence of some features like no online sync or cloud sync for my old messages which gets lost if you delete the app which I do because I'm not open to world. A sync feature would be appreciated if not for all then for subscribers who pay for app. Also Grindr should have some sorting options to see the messages of profile which are offline or the profiles which were deleted n are no longer working. These would help reducing bulky and waste messages from my inbox so that my application don't hang. Five stars if these features are available Great!

Since the new updates, there's way more ads, useless tabs, and it keeps shutting down on me March 1 Good

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