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It was easier to use before one of the updates, now I'm constantly having issues with my messages not sending. And trying to resend the same message 20-30 times before it actually shows its sent. What's the deal, and why am I having this issue? Anyone else having the same issue? Omg

Constant failed to send messages error, completely unacceptable. Why is this taking so long to fix? Enjoy it!

It is getting worse and worse. You have to send messages 3 or 4 times before they go through. Sometimes the person you are trying to send to signs out before message gets delivered. No others apps respond that badly. It takes up over 1gb of storage on phone. About to get rid of it. Cool

I have LG G6 and this app is a huge battery drainer Perfect

I love this app, but your adverts are making it painful to use! They pop up all over the place in the most annoying places. Surely you make enough money to strip these out and create a more enjoyable experience for everyone? Enjoy it!

What is up, grindr? I can't upload a picture nor do i see pictures of other guys. It's irritating me so much because i can't see a face of a person who chats me. Also, it makes people less interested in me because the only thing that they see is a grindr header. Fantastic

When i scroll down, click on a chat and exit the chat, my app scrolls all the way to the top again. Its pretty irritating.. is it supposed to do that? If not, could you try to find a resolution if you can? please and thanks! Flawless

Great app when it works. It won't open at all now. Used to be great but you keep adding updates that do nothing but make it crash. Can't even get to the login now Great!

The app it's great. But the sad part it's when the guys who lives near you, it's kind unattractive. Fantastic

Using this app is impossible. Most offline the time messages are not sent. Switching from a user window ti anotjer takes up to 30 seconds. what is happening? What am i paying for?? Cool

One of the First and Still the Very Best Sexually Mindsetted Adult Play and Down Low Fun Instant Connection SmartDevice Applications to Date. However, There are those Never Quite DeBugged Glitches Brilliant

currently there are WAY to many ads... Like seriously... Was way better befor the the ads only poped up durring blocks.. Or just every once in a while... Other than that the app isnt bad. Go well

The number of guys is ok, I've found some cool dudes and did some stuff. However, I've had to reinstall it twice because, first time, it didn't let me receive messages and, second time, it said I was in a place I wasn't (it worked a few minutes ago, and my GPS is fine) Recommend

Chat has numerous issues. Messages will constantly show as either being in limbo or as having failed to send, but this is really no indication as to whether the message went through, as guys will often still reply to those failed messages. This makes me wonder if, when I "Retry" to send the message, if it's sending the same damn thing over and over again, driving people nuts. I know others have this issue, too. Well done!!

Takes up too much space on my phone and can't be moved to the SD card, which is very inconvenient, and often leads to me having to delete the app data, or temporarily uninstall the app to make space for other apps/updates, which means that I lose all my chat threads. This is my only real issue with the app though, overall I enjoy using it. 5 star

Would be better if the app wasn't turning every pic I try to upload into my gallery on its side. Who wants to send pics to someone else who has to turn their head to the side to look at your pics upright. Perfect!

I logged out of my account and can't log in with email I signed up with. That's damn frustrating seeing I'm paying for a membership and grindr support hasn't helped me or responded its been THREE days.. It was a great app. Highly Recommend.

Almost everytime I try and send a message it fails over and over regardless on if I have full service or not. Please fix this asap it's starting to get really annoying. Highly Recommend.

Every time I update the app all guy that I blocked them before again dramatically appear in the list,even the number of blocking is not unlimited like other gay apps, zero star. Flawless

The rate wuth which people are reappearing who I blocked is ridiculous. It's so frequent that it's not people creating new accounts but the algorythm must have changed incrementally unblocking. Not the best update team...i block people for a reason and generally don't want to see them appearing again Not bad

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