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Much better if the apps have notification instead to upgrade premium to gain more extra in this app. love it

Ads are annoying. Pics collectors on there who then use them elsewhere in other apps. You can't fully block who you want and they pop up again. But other than that it's not a bad site. Marvelous

Just curious what happenrd to the geo loaction search feature that was on grindr all my mates have it but i dnt and now has disappeared i loved it as means i could talk to people overseas Enjoy it!

Because it doesn't work in background & don't send me notifications I've to be on the app all the time for doing chat Fantastic

Multiple pix fails now evertime for me. Second or third pics stays clear then retry error. Recommend

There's a lot of fake profiles and you guys REALLY need to have the notifications alert you when you get a new message or a new tap even if you don't have the app open. It's annoying that you have to have the app open to see that you have new messages from hours ago. Fix this and I'll give it 5 stars. Pretty good

Its ok but I cannot upgrade, the card expiry date drop down reverts to its default date everytime I press submit. This means my card details don't match and Im declined... Can't give you my money and my cardnis stop listed 5 star

Cool but I find it messed up that white guys post pics on their underwear and mine are rejected EVERY TIME! Muito bom!

Love to pay for a subscription but it always freezes and won't send my messages through. Lost another custmer I guess its back to bbrt. Works great

Since last update, the app keeps crashing and sometimes just freezes for long periods of time. Has also caused phone to lock up as well. Works great

App doesn't sync messages across devices. I guess that could be good, but I find it inconvenient. The app also has frozen my phone multiple times, frequently takes a very long time to load pics, profiles, etc. Omg

It was better before the last update. Now the app keeps crashing and messages keep showing as failed but sometimes go through so never know if I need to resend and can make me look like a wiredo. Perfect

They suggest u pay for Grindx each month, but it does not work good. Yes u see more people, but when u block sumone, the same person u block is right back the next day. So the blocking does not work. And all Grindr says is "we are aware of the problem, we are working on it" this has been going on for MONTHS. And another thing, its a recurring debit from your card, but it takes 2-3 days before it updates your account, so you have to do all ur filters, and ur profile over again. And also when u report people, for really bad things or what ever, Grindr does nothing. 85% of the people on Grindr are "looking for sex for money" or "looking for sex and drugs" or another website sending u messages to get u to join thiers with your cc. Actually I am ashamed of have of these guys on here that are in a "relationship" but looking for a 3-way, or have a partner but cheats on thier partner. PEOPLE LIKE THESE PEOPLE give us GAY People a bad name. I am proud of being gay but at the same time ashamed how sum people are. No wonder gay people have a bad reputation in the world. But oh well. Flawless

Regularly updated and mostly works as it's supposed to. The increasing number of video ads is becoming annoying. Cool

Too many long ads now. I shouldn't have to spend more time watching the ad than checking out the profile. Changed from five star to three. I get that it needs ads and was fine with them before, but there's just way too many now Must have

Force closes, pics I have loaded 2 the app aren't always there, when they are they don't always send, messages dnt always come through, and app keeps disconnecting ... the only good thing is that it SOMETIMES works perfectly lol. How about u FIX problems first before u update with new features. Pathetic love it

It's useful because it's the one with the most guys on it, but that might change if you guys don't catch up. Scruff has way more options for example. Please implement a voice note feature, that would be awesome and something the others don't have! Also, please consider changing your approach to adds. I might just leave if this doesn't change... Fabulous!

The app it's self is really good, however ads are starting to get out of control, I understand that they need to make money but forcing me to watch a 15-25 second ad is obnoxious especially when you are trying to pull up your own account, also notification on this app is still not working. Go well

Please give seen option.. & Emojis like whtsapp.. & video n link sending options.. & video call n audio call options too.. Itz request to u behalf of all grindr user.. Please.. This features make this app wonderful.. Please Marvelous

I realize you guys gotta make money, but the loud video ads are unacceptable, especially when trying to discreetly check messages. Superb!

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