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Definitely a 5 star game The length is great. The bonus game as well plus an honus bonus game in hall of memories so a lot of gameplay fir your money. Not too easy. Enjoyable and good story. Well worth it. Deserves a higher rating. Recommend

Awesome Absolutely Awesome Games. Great graphics, great storyline and is definitely worth paying for. Good

Bloody Mary Pretty entertaining, not too hard, nor too easy. The eerie factor is well done, not too cheesy. Overall, well done!

Bloody mary Excellent game, fun mini games, worth the price if l just bought the bonus chapter!

Bloody mary Good game a little hard on a phone to pick up clues,screen too small for me but really liked it

Pretty good The graphics on this game are phenomenal, but I don't find the story that engaging. Wish there had been a free trial...

:D Yay, now that it works I'm really enjoying it. Just the right amount of spook and unpredictability which is what I love. Sometimes it's a bit small for my digits but I'm working around it

A New World to Eplore! Bloody Mary looks like a great adventure. This is made by Elephant Games, and I didn't think they could top their previous artwork - but it seems they have. So far the game works very smoothly, it's quick and responsive. Its got all the stuff we HOA gamers love, you know the list. The story is mondo-creepy and tremendously enticing. I'll finish my chores quickly so I can sink into this new spooky world. Creepy kids, nightmarish dolls --- it's wonderful! Just finished (sadly). This was a terrific, long treasure hunt! Thanks, Elephant and Big Fish. ......9/23/2015.

Hidden objects & search & Find Clues helped when really stuck so I could move along with game which was good. Hate games you get stuck on& just can't play anymore

Grim tales bloody Mary I found it to be tedious. Too much back and forth. It did not flow well at all. Just making a game long is not the point .

Lots of content Nice long game, including a hall of memories with more HO puzzles. I just wish there was a way to go back and get those last few collectables.

Good game! It was a good length. Good time killer. My only issue was that if you did end up needing to use the hint button, it told you EXACTLY what you needed to do. I know this may seem strange to some that I would fund this to be a flaw, but the hint is supposed to just guide you in the right direction, not tell you what you have to do. I enjoy a bit of a challenge, but hey, that's me. This isn't a big enough issue though for me to take any stars away, this game is definitely a 5 star game. No problems at all :)

Great game This game goes from creepy to beautiful and it is very long. Seems like it takes forever to get through it...

Bloody brilliant It's a great game, it makes you has a great creepy vibe. The graphics are amazing. Plus a great bonus chapter. Overall I'm very happy with the game.

Lindat3473 Not of the quality that Big Fish Games usually puts out. It doesn't flow as well.

Excellent! The best of this genre of games I've ever played, and I've played a lot! Very long, plus the bonus level. The puzzles are not too easy or hard. Objects collected are used logically. Not too many HO scenes. Well worth the money and would highly recommend. Brilliant!

Enjoyed playing This has a stradegy guide, very helpful. Also there are bonus 'demons' to find. Not sure what you get for finding them, have only been playing this game for an hour or so. So far I am enjoying it.

Excellent Long game play, interesting puzzles, a bit scary in parts, there was a lot of back and forth from one end to the other, so thank goodness for the map so you can jump to places.

Grim Tales / Bloody Mary Lots of puzzles; nice balance of here and there; nice and long game play and nicely taxing. Just about to enter EXTRAS!!!! Buy it! Ta ta!

Wished it was more scary I thought the was a great game but I want more horror and scares. Darker games like Dorian Grey "brink of consciousness". Something unnerving and terrifying

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