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Too scripted This game is mostly about figuring out the exact path to take. Not much if any freedom of thought. This is basically a puzzle game. Figure out the steps to the puzzle you win. A vast majority of the time you alter those steps you die. Almost no real strategic decisions. Be comfortable working with small numbers and spaces. After all, the only way you get money is by destroying your own space. Fabulous!

Nice game, rough implementation The game is fun, and the graphics are great, but the implementation on Android is really rough, lags frequently, crashes over in a while, and doesn't really integrate to the system like a game originally designed for Android Surprisingly

Awesome! Challenging! Great graphics! Challenging! Awesome and fun turn-based tactical strategy! Very Addicting and time-consuming! Recommend

Great tactical strategy game. No in-app purchases, low purchase price and multiplayer too!! What are you waiting for? Buy now! Must have

Great game, but online games don't work? Good strategy game. Good twist with the ground disappearing as you progress through each level. Keeps the levels quick and intense. After finishing all the levels, I wanted to play online. But it just waits and nothing ever happens?? Brilliant

Great game, wish it was longer There is a learning curve but once you figure out your strategy, its quite fun. Just wish it wasn't so short. Great job

Doesn't pass the toilet test Good game but can't save your game mid level. All mobile games should be able to be played in 10 to 15 minute sessions. Muito bom!

Console vs handheld Cant believe I paid $15 odd for this on ps3, this version is so similar except for slightly toned down graphics (though I agree it needs a hd version). Enemy turns are faster than the console version which keeps things moving Good

great game. multyplayer needs udate! Great game. play it every day. Bought it on steam and android. However the multiplayer needs a friends-list for matchmaking. If there were a friends-list game would be worth max stars.

#video-player Interesting game! Should be called "Google Greed" if they want to make it about greed. But really good game with interesting concepts & game play. Music sucks though. The opening reminds me of the opening of 'Game of Thrones' (game works really well with that kind of music also HINT HINT game developer)!

For Ice cream sandwich or higher Great gme for my tablet, but doesn't work on my phone. My next phone will run the game correctly. Well done!!

Great Game Excellent 3D graphics, great sound, interesting gameplay, good ai. Totally scratched my turn based strat itch Just wow

Good Game Good Game, I'd give it a 5 star rating if I could choose the friends to play against online. love it

#video-sharing Buggy but unique turn based strategy! Solid turn based strategy with some interesting twists (mining resources destroys map spaces, for example). Unfortunately the menus don't seem to work right, the tutorial is useless, and the game is a relentless battery sucker for some reason. Really addictive once you ignore all that and get the hang of the system.

Excellent turn-based tactics game! This is a great turn-based tactical combat game. The game mechanics are really interesting with a lot of room for skill and clever plays. There are only three kinds of building and two (sortof just one) kind of unit, but along with the vital 3D height of each hex of terrain, it still adds up to plenty of opportunity for tactical thinking and planning ahead. The graphics and sounds are smooth and high-quality. I'm personally not that keen on the music, but that's just my preference, and it's easy to turn it off. The tutorial nicely walks you through all the game mechanics. Vitally, there's no requirement to pay more money in-game, nag friends, or compete for land with other players. There is a multiplayer mode, but skirmishes are isolated, and the campaign is long and challenging. I've not seen any of the bugs or glitches mentioned by a couple of other reviewers. The only quibble I can mention is that for some reason the S-Pen on my Galaxy Note II isn't recognised: I have to use my fingers rather than the stylus (this is the only app where I've seen that behaviour). Despite that minor irregularity, this is a great game that I'm thoroughly enjoying. I recommend it highly.. Recommend to take Greed Corp APK.

Awesome, ads suck.! One of my favorite turn based strategy games of all time. Loved playing it against friends on console, so I knew I needed to buy this. Destroy the terrain to earn money and manipulate your opponent(s). Pros: unique strategy, cool music, great visuals. Cons: controls take some getting used to, and the ads suck and are obnoxious looking. Would have happily paid more for an ad-free version.. Recommend to download Greed Corp APK.

Very nice strategy game! The game is a very good strategy and tactics game, the port is well done. Kind of battle isle plus interesting terrain changing game mechanics. Perfect on Samsung Note 2.

Great game but...! Really good fun, nice graphics. Sadly freezes and crashes out a little too often... Please fix!. Recommend to get Greed Corp APK.

Just found this! Glad to see yet another great game make it to Android! Would be 5 stars if the menu was less laggy. Works perfectly

Doesn't work on Nexus7 Just working through tutorial. Battles seem to be a straight swap system. Interface is really small, so installed on my Nexus 7 to get a bit of size, but that didn't get past the intro. Go well

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