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A good game I like this game.Its a good game with good graphics and good levels.I play with my friends every day multiplayer.Its very fun!!! :D

Thug life i think This game is great and i will give five stars if we can get a slot machine or something ro get the powerups

Gravity Guy Original My Granddaughter and I love this game, we actually got hooked on gravity guy 2 first and found this one when trying to install G2 on another device. It's hard to get the hang of at first but definitely a challenge

Good game i guess The game will not leave me alone about slow mo then the game lied and made me use slow mo uhhgg

Be careful! Very fun but while your playing it asks you if you want to use slow motion, and I always waste it on an easy part by accidentally clicking on YES.

Great I absolutely love it! It's definately great when you're sat in a car. Recommend this to everyone!!!

,awesome game but money The game is like totally awesome you can run and be kill and run slow like a ant you are a very fast man. You have multiple player also, but my only problem is that you have to buy slowness power.

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awesome Really good app I love it and I have a HTC beats company really works really good as you you would love it if you bought it it is the best game ever but the only thing I really kind of don't like is that it glitches ridiculous and you have to pay a lot of you have to be a lot of money just for one power up its not worth it so just don't waste your money on this

Its epic!! Awesome. But yeah the ads r freakin annoying but the games worthwhile i guess. I recommend it highly for everyone

awesome 4 people can play multiplayer on with u in the same room on one device very addictive to

Some levels are too hard Like the idea, the multiplayer version, and the different players, but I wish different players had different abilities

Fun game I like that it makes you think strategy before you really know which way It's going.

SECOND BEST GAME I PLAY It an awsome multiplayer and single player games also it should be local like a phone can connect do the other person can have there own screen

Needs to be fixed. It great and all but I think they should give you more powerups for free cause Im not wasting MY cash for a powerup. Also when I beat chapter one and I go to chapter two I can play. But if I exit the game it makes me restart!! They need to fix all the glitches.

Good It is nice game which is made with an excellent effort but the background music is copied from the bollywood films . Please make sure that also there is more variety of outfits and other things . Thanks regards. Reply needed Bye

Very very very nice Entertainment! Entertainment! Entertainment it us my favorite game.

Its a good game But Its a really good game but the glitches are ridiculous. They need to fix them because its annoying

So good I always ve blue and I win. The only thing that you can be is yellow green blue red

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