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I have this app on my phone Samsung Galaxy Avant and it works just find. I love this app. Its way easier to check your grades than going on Google Aries. It keeps me logged at all times. Worth it!

When released onto Android, this app didn't work on my phone. It has been quite a few months and they finnaly fixed the problem, whatever problem it was. Now that it works on my phone I can see that it is a very good grades app. wow lol

As a parent with two students in the same district I feel this app should give me the ability to switch between them since my login for the district is the same. As it is right now, I have to log out and log back in to see my other kid's grades. Cool

The iOS version allows you to select All of your kids, the Android version forces you to log out and back in to see another kid. That's crazy. Marvelous

The app is amazing, you can calculate how a bad grade can affect your grade among other things, but aeries portal recently changed their program(literally like 4 days ago) and now they have a seperate site for summer school and they've added new data bases so im not sure how the app will work now Brilliant

Clear the data for this app in settings and try again if it doesn't work. Make sure you're on your​ data plan instead of WiFi. This app was great for checking grades really fast and doing grade predictions and stuff. Unfortunately I only got to use this for 6 months because I was a senior. But I'm now graduated so it doesn't matter lol Works great

I am so glad that Grades has finally become available on Andriod! I've been waiting so long, and am elated to finally be able to use one of the best apps to check grades out there. By far, this app has been functioning quite nicely. :) Works perfectly

Hey, it has been working for the past few weeks and now I can't login. It has been like this for awhile. Please fix as soon as possible. Also if it's possible for us to donate in order to have a more premium app without the ads. Marvelous

I've been BEGGING for this app for ever!! EVERYTHING WORKS!! Amazing. Thank you :D Highly Recommend.

Thank you for finally bringing this to Android. It works perfectly for me and I signed in with no trouble Good

Please, add the features that are on the IOS version, like adding and dropping assignments. Also, please disable the feature where it makes an assignment automatically 100% when you click edit. Fantastic

This app works really well, and I was easily able to calculate my midterm grades using the calculator function. The layout is really nice on Pixel Amazing!

Please get rid of the ad at the bottom, it is so annoying. At least let me pay for the app so that there isn't an ad. Brilliant

Every time I try to log on I get a message saying there is an error. It was great while it worked but it doesn't work anymore Awesome

Could you add a feature where you can pay for an ad free version? Otherwise, it's great Cool

It's good for students but how can parents look at their children's grade if it only have one login? Works great

Honestly this app is so much easier to use on an iPhone. I wish it was more formatted like the apple version Surprisingly

The best part is that you can actually calculate your grades in "what-if" situations, which is surprisingly useful! Go well

It worked for a couple weeks know I can't even log in it says there was a login error Flawless

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