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Used to work but stopped. Doesn't even open up anymore. I've uninstalled and reinstalled many times and there's still no changes. Surprisingly

Used to work for me on my galaxy s6. I recently upgraded to the s9 and it doesn't let me open it. I tap on the app and it tells me it has stopped. Just wow

The app stopped working as of 2/19. I think something changed on the server side. Please fix it and you will get back the 5 stars. Enjoy it!

This app WAS amazing! Worked great on the Samsung S8+. Upgraded to the 9 and won't even open. Super bummed. Fantastic

I think it is good bc I can check my grades and it gives me notifications when it puts some work in or if my grade got higher than it is rn or when the teacher comments on anything it's good.:) 5 star

Love this app! Before I had to sign in with my password and email address but now all I have to do is open the app and my grades are right there! If you are a student like me, I recommend you try this app. It saves so much time. Flawless

It's a great app, but recently I can't see what my grades are. I reinstalled It and now none of my classes show up. Please fix Amazing!

I do not get why people are saying they can't log in on an android phone. I have a Samsung avant (old phone) and it allowed me to log in. I had this app for a while now and it worked just find, untill now... It keeps saying "Grades is unavailable at the moment right now... " It says something like that. Which os why it gets 3 stars. Pleas fix this! Works perfectly

i haven't log in yet but i think it's great that this app exsist because it's good to see what your grade is so you can fix your grade Highly Recommend.

Was working fine, occasionally it'll say "an error occurred" & so updated it & now I only get 2 classes/grades for my daughter. Pretty good

With the whole not being able to sign thing. I use an android and all I did was redownload it and it worked. I overall like this app for looking at my grades but i wish you could make your own pertentage when doing a calculation Omg

I had this app on my old phone (Samsung S5) and it worked just fine. I recently upgraded to the s8 and now it won't work. Its a great app tho so if you can get it to work then I would definitely recommend it Superb!

Good app, works for me. If it won't let you log in your school district probably doesn't support it. I wish the dev would fix the fact that whenever you enter the calculator function, it automatically applies a 100% for whatever assignment is at the top of the list. This is inconvenient because it doesn't give you accurate grade predictions. Recommend

Stop adding a 100% automatically to the top assignment and let us add points to assignments that have 0/0 I want to be able to calculate my extra credit Cool

After the new update the app keeps crashing every time I try to open it. Please fix this as soon as possible. I want to keep up on my grades in a more convenient matter wow lol

I would like to use it but I am very disappointed because I actually thought this was going work what a let down guys if this is not going to work then why did you make it really when you finally make it work tell Superb!

Shows my grade, if this doesn't work for you then your school or district doesn't have it. Worth it!

Love it but it would be cool to add a little percentage sign next to your grade to show how much it went up or if it went down Not bad

honestly i saw all these bad reviews and felt inclined to write one of my own, like honestly the app works really really well for me, ive never ever had a problem with it and like i think it works the exact same as it would for an iphone. like what?? I have no issue with it at all its weird that some people do lmal Amazing!

Very easy and fast way to look at grades. Does not offer the option of saving sign in information and it does not offer a way to change from one student to another without signing out. Not bad

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