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Handy SOS tool Sometimes small things make huge difference in one’s life. The thought that I can reach out to my preconfigured list of people instantly seeking their help and attention is awesome. Gracehelp is a handy SOS tool and an amazing app!

A Real friend! Yes, this is really good app for every business person, Employ, working or college going womens. which let your information when you need helping hands.. Recommend to get GraceHelp APK.

Good one! I just bought this app from googleplay with the intent that it would help contact family and friends (with one click) when I need help while driving or in trouble. Great app! Watching out for updates to this app. It would be good, if I can seek help with a double press of hard button on phone.

#text-message Mr. P. B. Naveen! This app is very powerful, yet easy to use. It is very helpful for people in distress. Crime rate and accidents has gone up recently making every person vulnerable. With one touch, GraceHelp will intimate your loved ones that you are in trouble along with the location. This will give them enough clues to reach out and help you.

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